Community modderation does not work at all, this forum is proof

You are not worthy of my lessons.

Bye now…

Normally I put up with your rants on the game itself because it’s pretty entertaining but this… I’m not sure what in the hell this is nor do I want to know, all I know is this just gave me a good laugh for the night.

Man… I only expected some rant about the forums, but this… oh man. How long can this thread possibly stay up @FinchoMatic?

Tl;dr obv


bye now.

Whoa… Kinda scary. We are still just talking about an entertaining video game, right? This is like the Twilight Zone.

Classic example of Suicide by Mod.

I think this guy is really hype for the release of gargos so much so that he thinks he’s transcended humanity. Kind of funny since he went from whining like a child to full on drink the kool-aid preacher, guess getting banned a lot will do that to you.


I feel like the ki forums are an odd place to try and evolve humanity.

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People like this exist.


ARIA disapproves of this topic. I’m just sitting here with question marks.

plot twist: this is secretly a teaser for a new character

I…I have no comment… just this

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Look in the mirror.

Well you lost all credibility when you said “smh”. Look you’re just a mere mortal like the rest of us. Besides…I don’t have to listen to you. ARIA said so. :triumph:

Oh, so now y’all don’t have anything to say huh?

This is actually kinda entertaining. Please…do go on.

OP must have eaten some funny looking mushrooms while he was on vacation from the forums.