Community Fund for Stages, Colors, Accessories, Tag Team, & Ultimates

If Shago fund happened and made a lot of $$$$$$, why not do the same to fix loose ends. I expected more game modes, 1 Ultimate per character etc. I don’t think 3 -4 new colors per character should be a lot of work but the stages and the rest would be great.1 thing for sure is this game can still use a lot of polish. Season 3 doesn’t have the level of polish as Season 1 & 2 had. Some characters still look like they are in early development in regards to aesthetics, awkward and stiff-not so fluid movements (Kim Wu, Tusk, Mira) I think a community fund would be beneficial if IG use the funds and talent right.

You’re asking an AWFUL lot. One community fun in s not enough for all of that.
Just saying.

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you’re probably right, I suppose what I think is most important is the polish to fix those unfinished looking characters I listed in S3, new colors & tag-team mode. I think the Ultimates will kill them and the stages cost too much to make apparently. What do you think?

I would be happy with just stages and ultimates.

All The characters look fine to me.

Colors I could care less for.

Tag team mode sounds interesting.

Didn’t all the profit from shago go to tournament prizes? So it was basically a donation/investment into the competitive scene by IG/MS. Personally, I’d like to see more invested in growing the community. S2 had focused on tournament attendance and s3 has the guest characters.

Taking a fantastic stab at getting some halo/gears players was really smart. I have at least one friend who spent money to just play arbiter. I wish there were more players, rather than more new content. Stages and back story take a back seat when I’m considering overall enjoyment of a fighting game. Shadow lords is dropping real soon and more content along those lines is scheduled through spring 17’,according to the ig stream i watched last week. So we have that going for us.

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Cool I wasn’t sure about content coming through next year.

stages and ultimates for sure

tag team mode i’d love

new colors i’d also love

but if I had to pick just one of these it’d be stages hands down

To be fair with the figures that ultimate source are making we’re already getting color 10’s. Ultimates would be awesome, but it would take a lot of work & time to add to the game. As for how season 3 looks I think the game looks fine it might just be me, but I don’t see anything wrong with how the game currently looks.

STAGES!!! All the way! Ha. And Kim and tusk’s faces need work. I hope they can make a little time to get to that one day.

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would be awesome tag your characters on SL. As you pick one for the fight, the other two are healing. In my thoughts, thats how SL can be an epic mode by featuring tag mode through its gameplay.

That would be like six funds to get all of that.

Though I’d LOVE a tag mode. Imagine starting an ultra with Gargos and tagging in Eyedol during instinct and letting him finish it.

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Stages first…

Then accesories and even more items in Shadow Lords :slight_smile:

100? we need to diablo this MF :stuck_out_tongue:


A community fund? No. Paid DLC? Maybe…although it woild probably work better under the umbrella of a season 4 would be more feasible.
First off, I have issue with the whole kickstart “throw money at people now and get your stuff later” trend that has been going on lately. It’s a really bad trend that has and will continue to be heavily abused by people promising pie in the sky and giving you a polished (but not necessarily) turd.
Mighty No. 9 ring a bell?

I know KI is the exception to the rule when it comes to a lot of wonky pricing models, but I’m gonna have to go ahead and pull out the ol’ slippery slope routine as it seems like it fits here and say we don’t need to go in that direction. I might also point out the Shago fund was an exception because the money taken wasn’t used to fund Shago’s real boy status, it was used to gather prize money for a tourney, and then Shago was fleshed out as a thank you.

Secondly, a lot of what is being asked here are changes to the core game. Stuff like making a fund for Ultimates or polish are things that some players would fund and others would benefit from without having to shell out another dime. All in all I think it would be better if they just added this stuff to a season 4 list.

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@WrathOfFulgore you made lots of great points and it’s true what you say about Shago. It makes me take back the idea of community fund. I don’t think they need money to make accessories/new colors. I think the real tough thing for them to do is an Ultimate per character + the stages missing from the new characters. Aside from that the polish should be done just because if they have self respect and want to keep the bar up there like in Season 1 & 2 how could you be satisfied with your product when Season 3 characters don’t all look on par. I take issue with that because as an artist myself, there is a level you have to attain or try to achieve all the while you know what is and isn’t acceptable. You don’t have 1 person saying Kim and Tusk look unfinished, when you hear it often enough there must be something. On the other hand, sometimes you need to take a step back and realize why it isn’t there (Is it fatigue, direction, lack of inspiration etc) and if you can’t get it, there is no shame in asking for help/advice. You can’t work in anything creative if you are unable to take criticism - good or bad. As a musician, I learned that ears get tired and you need to stop sometimes and go back to the recording later, you tend to catch things you didn’t before and then you can fix or leave as is since it may sound better now that you rested your ears or you caught what isn’t working now that you rested your ears.

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I don’t think that we should have to do a community fund in order to get IG and MS to keep polishing the game. Honestly, I tend to doubt they’d even want us to do that. I think that’s sort of just a “part of the process” kind of thing.

Sure, some things have been on the proverbial list since season one (some of the retros, for example), but I don’t think that we can (or should) just wave our ones, fives and tens around and say “hey, do this.”

I’ve thrown the idea out there that maybe doing a character polishing on par with the stage relighting as sort of the big season 4 project would be a good idea. Sure, not every character needs this and maybe for some, it’s a few slight, more subtle corrections. But there are certain glaring aspects of characters, whether it be their current look or their retro (or both) where it’d be greatly appreciated and beneficial to the look and quality of the overall presentation if they went back and really gave a some of the characters a once-over / coat of polish.

Again, I don’t think that this is a small undertaking for a variety of reasons, but I do think it’s necessary. If doing this meant that we only got three or four stages in season four, I’d actually be okay with that, provided they embrace the idea of DLC for new stages, retro stages, colors, accessories and additional new and retro outfits. Provided they had the time, money and manpower, I know that packs containing those items would sell and sell well.

If they offered two stages, two retro stages (as voted for by fans), plus a package that allowed me to pick a new outfit for eight characters, each of which contain two sets of accessories and two colors? I’d definitely pay $10 for that, which is half the price of the combo breaker pack for a full season’s worth of content. Again, we’re talking new content here, not asking them to fix what’s already there. I’m not asking for hundreds of dollars worth of content either, but if they can find a reasonable price, I’d love to see a slow trickle of DLC that I can buy and enjoy without feeling like I’m slowly being bled to death.

Oh, and to the point of ultimates, I really think that’s something that fans have their ear on. If those aren’t included in season 4, I’ll be completely shocked, so again, don’t really see the need for a community fund there.

I still tend to think that community funds should be limited to a character reimagining like Ben Ferris, Shadow Orchid, Kelvin, or my personal dream, Human Sabrewulf. :slight_smile:


Tag Team does sound good!