'Coming soon' on the extras section

So has anyone else noticed that? I have only just noticed so I have no idea how long it has been there.

So what do people think this extra coming soon is gonna be?

Well, 2 new characters for 1 - they’ve been announced, but we don’t know the specifics such as when or even who. Feel free to speculate though. :wink:

Oh, and we have ultimates on the way too, so they may show something on that section of the site as they unvail more about that as well.

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Coming soon is reserved for Ultimates.




You have to buy ultimates???


Hopefully not, I would not agree with that at all.


My wallet is scared :confused:


If so then looks like glacius, omen, shago, and gargos will be the only ones on my Xbox with an ultimate YouTube will show me the rest.

…wha…wooo! o3o Ok so they are purchaseable? GRANTED…That really may not mean anything either they could just be unlockable to? it’s easy to assume…but still

YOU GUYS HAD THAT PLANNED FOR HOW LONG NAO?! WHAT…WAA…Be cool if you cna give us a price soon.

ASSUMING you have to buy them. If they are, can we at least get like a pack where we can buy em all in one go?

I’m not gonna lie though I have a feeling this is going to generate some salt, but I think we’ll have folks jump the gun before see the price but the idea of “paying” for a finishing move could understandbly ruffle some feathers here.

On the other hand though since this is content not coming in as a season, I can understand that when you have animators working on these they obviously need to get paid for their work.

HOWEVER for all we know extras could be more than just something you can purchase for money though KI gold may not be an option.

Oh now that I think about it, one way to see the price. Shago was…20 something bucks right?

Now assuming you have to purchase Ultimates, how much of that was for his Ultimate? ’ - ’

Maybe they’re just UNLOCKABLE.


I.e preform Jago’s ultimate to get it in the menu.


I hope they drop more info in february.

10$ each ultimate (5$ goes to donation)
100$ ultimate pack (50$ goes to donation)

BS incoming…Be prepared guys! Lol

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i doubt it. I would love to see them justify that. Without the extra for the tournaments, Kilgore would still be five dollars, in line with the rest of the characters. But charging even five dollars for an extra MOVE. They are smarter people than that. Heck, MKX (The king of overpriced fighting game DLC), sent out the extra fatalities for FREE. It’s literally just an extra animation. Either we unlock them, or maybe they are like a buck a pop.

Ultimates will not be free… And we know that.

They could also very well be unlockable in-game, with a shortcut payment option. Like most of the superfluous content in KI.

Did they confirm that though if not then all we know is that ultimates are coming and will be in the coming soon section in the extras lets not assume things.

I think one of the next characters is shadow orchid

They probably will if you own the character that has an ultimate

Like shadow jago and teased that jago will have one

They aren’t going to be purchasable. They’ll probably just be there to view them like little movies. Probably no different than how you get concept art. Can you imagine having to pay for Ultimates? That would be the worst thing ever.