Combo Breaker/Lockout System is making me regret my purchase. Could you please consider adding an option for users like me to combo break the way the original game was setup?

Hello I have been playing Killer Instinct since it was introduced in 1994, I truly loved how this game has its own place in the fighting game world! I play other fighters as well and i might consider it my favorite genre. I can’t lie though i have a VERY big fundamental problem with KI’s new combo breaker system. As it may work for some people its not working for me and its making me regret my purchase of this game! The problem i have is that in the original Killer Instinct each player had a combo breaker move that you had to learn in order to be effective, and i think that formula is perfect and that’s the way it should be! The reason i say this is because Guessing should not be a fundamental process in any fighting game because it negates strategy! In this game your punished by a 3 sec lock-out for not guessing the correct strength of the starting combo, in which causes a defensive player to be completely overwhelmed and lose in seconds! This alone makes the game an UNBALANCED overly combo based offensive minded game based on who is the best at guessing the strength of a combo! This game throws defensive strategy out of the window, and makes defense almost non-existent! While this is something i could learn, it seems just not strategic and fundamentally sound to a fighting game at all. I could practice with EVERY character and learn how their moves look, but i don’t have time for that! I work and have a life! I just want to pick up the controller and play from time to time and not get pwned because i suck at GUESSING the strength of a move. Please consider at least creating a way to give the player an option to combo break the way the ORIGINAL game intended! Because of this i have completely stopped playing KI, and have moved on to other fighters, where i can use strategy to excel and not guess work to be successful. I have so much LOVE for KI don’t get me wrong, im glad the game is back! But sometimes if it ain’t broke don’t fix it and the ORIGINAL combo breaker system was never broke, it didn’t need and overhaul! Please take in consideration for some of the OG KI players our there to at least give us an option to choose how we want to combo break! Thanks

Remember that auto-doubles can be reacted to and that guessing will only give you a 33% chance of success. Manuals are unreactable but they net the attacker less damage.

I think it was even harder to be the defensive player in KI1. You not only had to do a motion to break but press a button strength different to what attack your opponent was doing.

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If you don’t have time to learn auto double animations, then just pay attention to the speeds your opponent is using. Its not a guess if you KNOW.

If you don’t want to put more time in to the game, then accept that you won’t get better.

Defence is a perfect strategy. Learn it. Or don’t. Your choice.


Your not suppose to guess when you combo break, you’re suppose to read the speed of the doubles and linkers your opponent is using and break accordingly. And there’s nothing wrong with the game on a fundamental level; It seems to me that you just don’t want to put the time in to get comfortable with the games mechanics. Just slow down for a minute and make your reads…you don’t have to be very fast at doing it to get it right. Now let’s talk about guessing; that’s what will get you killed in this game. Guessing on a Linker/Manual/Auto-Double is a 33%(1/3) chance without reading the strength of the move, not good for dependability if you keep guessing and locking out. Please go into Combo Breaker Training and practice your breaker timing to get over this hurdle.

And let’s get another thing straight; OG KI was super broken, even the Combo Breaker System in those games were broken, a 1/3 chance break(KI1) depending on the strength of the button used/w a back/forward charge motion or a Dragon punch motion, it was inconsistent and annoying to die from CB’s on your last lifebar. KI2’s affair with CB’s were too easy imo; a 50/50 chance break with no penalty where you only needed to know if your opponent started the combo with a punch or kick and break with the opposite button and a motion. The CB system in KI2 caused the “let’s not play KI” mentality with players using short combos for guaranteed results.

In short, KI1 & 2 were a product of their time and should be treated as such. Good games, but broken at their core for being so young at the time. I have a job and a life to live just like you, i just think you need to take that nostalgia bubble out of your butt and learn what the game has to offer you instead of complaining about not being “Guud Enuph”.

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No. This is how the game is now. Move on.


See the things is that we have different opinions, which is ok. I still like the game but without lockouts and the new combo breaker system. All I’m asking for is an option! If the old system was broken then the game wouldn’t have lasted this long. Don’t forget without the original users there would be no KI remake! But in all honesty I was just voicing my opinion on why I DON’T play KI anymore…I don’t need any tips this is the suggestions forum…

Guessing is a fundamental process in any fighting game. Any time you meaty someone or do a wakeup DP, you are guessing that they are either not going to DP you in the face or that they are about to meaty you. This is inescapable in any fighting game, to include super traditional ones like SF or different-ish ones like MK.

In spite of the above (guesswork being unavoidable in fighters), guessing should not be a fundamental part of how you play the defensive combo game in new KI. That’s how you eat absolutely disgusting amounts of damage. If you can’t recognize things, then do nothing. People get nervous when combos go too long without break attempts, and are more likely to just end it early if you don’t muck up and get yourself locked out.

I am sorry that you aren’t enjoying the new KI, but I don’t expect your particular suggestion to be added to the game. The breaker game isn’t (or shouldn’t be) primarily guesswork - if you ever do decide to pick KI back up I would suggest trying to slow yourself down and resist the urge to mash breaker once you get hit. Only break when you see super obvious things that you can react to, like heavy autodoubles. Consistently trying to guess your way out of damage will get you murdered in this game.

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If you want the old way then the combo system has to be reworked…

So you’re complaining that you have to guess because you don’t want to take the time to learn how to properly break? In that case it’s not really the game’s fault that you’re choosing to resort on guessing. It’d be like complaining that shooting in an fps was too random because you didn’t feel like aiming.

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i dont know whats worse… thinking the twitch numbers for ki will rise up to sf5 numbers if the cb system was changed to ki1 or 2

or the numbers are low to begin with because of the current combo breaker mechanics in the first place


i get ya man, u like something from before and they changed something u dont like and now u dont like it. i know the feeling all too well man. to implement an option like that i guess is ok but then i would rather just play original KI instead imo. But the thing is i find ur opinion kinda misplaced in terms of calling it unbalanced, since ur saying it as if it was fact. i feel like u only scratched the surface and if u dug a deeper into the gameplay u would understand it more, but u have things outside of video games and thats totally understandable. all i can say is for an answer, wait for shadow lords mode, its an awesome single player mode that just sounds right for u

Sorry dude but I too played KI daily since 94 and its way harder to combo break in the classic games. You have to memorize much more and its even more of a guess. You couldn’t break linkers or shadow linkers. You had one chance to break a combo, maybe 2 chances in the classic games.

This is way easier and more efficient.

I bet you cant even explain how the KI classic combo breaker system works.
KI2 punch beat kick and kick beat punch moves. KI classic was even worse.

You just need to use combo breaker training and enjoy the game.

The 90s are over and this game isnt changing…good luck


The old game didn’t last long. It was rarely/never played in tournaments, and it was laughed out of the competitive scene (even the very meager one back in the late 90s) for being glitchy, broken, and poorly thought out mechanically.

It has a great nostalgic legacy for gamers who were in their youth and experienced fun characters in an era where gaming could almost do no wrong. If you like the original KI, that’s great and I’m not trying to make you feel bad (I also have fond memories of playing it with my friends). But let’s not pretend it had a competitive history or that the fighting engine was well designed and would stand up to scrutiny in the modern era. There is no evidence to suggest this, and lots of evidence to suggest the opposite.

You can’t simply ask for an option for the entire fighting game system to be reworked from scratch. The entire game is structured around the combo engine being what it is, and replacing it with another system affects a lot more than you seem to believe. It’s not a matter of “convenience” or “preference”, it’s a matter of breaking the entire game at a fundamental level.

Make no mistake, guessing is a huge part of every fighting game, even your favorites. Fighting games come together when they are an exciting mix of reaction, space control, and prediction. If you take even one of those out (ie, you make a game that has no reactable parts, or no guessing), you have a terrible game on your hands. If you don’t believe this to be true and you want me to explain why guessing is important, then feel free to ask and I will.

You’re welcome to go play SFV and think it has no guessing involved, but you won’t be very satisfied in a week.


If this becomes an option, it affects everybody. It wouldn’t be fair for some people to get locked out and others don’t because they have the old setting on. It would be like having two different sets of rules in the game when one clearly benefits more since it doesn’t have lockout.

If you don’t put in the time to learn how the new combo system works and what to break, that’s on you. You don’t need a different system because you don’t want to learn the other one.

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The argument of “I have a life and too busy to learn” Which is COMPLETE and UTTER BS. Because, we have professional people in the working world finding time to sit down and play games. Hell look at kenny omega. He’s a wrestler AND he comes out to tournies! A job like his probably requires alot of effort and thought yet…still finds time to come out and hang with us gamers who either don’t have a job or a more common job.

Hell it wouldn’t surprise me if other busy people started joining in like movie stars or even other game designers. So that argument/excuse doesn’t work anymore since it’s been proven wrong. That’s that.

Now for the “I want the old combo breaker system back”. Well it’s been said numerous times already but I’ll say it again. If you want to have the old combo breaker system back then you MUST rework the current combo system. So why put IG through all that nonsense?

Guessing not part of fighting games? Or games? Or even life in general? Are you serious? I know you’re just trolling but still…to make such an assumption is ridiculous and far fetched.

But at the end of the day…you’re just trolling the forums like so many have before. So whatever man. You’re not an “OG”…you’re just a…Turtle.

One last thing…you can still play KI and KI2. You can also invite your buddies over and fight them or even go and try and find a scene. I’ll give you an ARIA quote because it holds true.

“Evolve or die. Make your choice.”

I don’t think he is trolling. I’m just curious to why he thinks the old combo breaker system is better. I’m all for replicating old KI mechanics if it is reasonable (like heavy buttons for heavy linkers).

Oh he’s trolling alright. No question about about that. Look at his argument. Says it all.

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now now no need to be so hostile, hes just giving a suggestion and why he came to that conclusion. no need to play the accusation game now

It doesn’t make sense to insult him. He’s expressing an opinion, even if you don’t agree.

We can give him facts so he might reconsider his position, or be better informed. Or you can insult him so he definitely won’t.