Combo Breaker 2018 KI stream schedule TODAY!

Today at 4pm Central is TOp 24 and at 6pm Top 8.
Stream schedule link below…

Looks to be on TeamSp00ky’s channel


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Please tag anyone you may feel needs to see this without searching for it or anyone I have missed.
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@snickerdoodle Do you think that could be possible? To create a UI feature to pull up a list of memebers beyond just the 6 that show up wihen you type in the first letter?


Appreciate the heads up. I’m going to attempt to watch what I can while I’m at work today. I hope everyone plays great and puts on a good show! :grin::+1:

Starts in 2 hours ?

Looks like it’s starting soon :+1:


Combo breaker is going hype! SonicDolphin played really well. These matches are crazy!

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@STORM179 @SonicDolphin117 GGs fellas


Man, I’m super proud of those guys. I managed to get up at 6 am here and tune in just in time to see @STORM179 Vs @F3Sleep and then @SonicDolphin117 Vs @BHThompxson. It’s tough to lose but they went out 3:2 in some really tense sets against great players with pretty tough character matchups. And made the game look good while doing it. Watching those two sets in a row looking at how all four players rely on spacing, whiff punishing, challenging execution and then add the combo game on top of it and thinking about all the absurd hate about the game being YOLO, etc. etc. Well done gentlemen.

Just one extra shout out to @SonicDolphin117 for making Kim-wu look top tier.


@SonicDolphin117 You did amazing. Like seriously. And with Kim Wu! You’ve put a lot of work into this and it really paid off. Amazing man!

Everyone did great! Another amazing tourney


I was really, really rooting for SonicDolphin. That came down to the last combo. Represent, buddy.

That being said, if anyone from Microsoft still cares about the game, Eagle’s bird is overpowered. You shouldn’t be able to make your whiffs completely counter-proof.

I have pretty poor internet. Anyone want to tell me how the tournament ended?

@DesirousCat3658 it seems like every time someone wins a tournament with a new character (that hasn’t won before) everyone starts calling for that character to be nerfed. Sleep wins with Kan Ra (nerf Kan Ra!) Thompson wins with Jago (nerf Jago!) Bass wins with Spinal (nerf Spinal!) Sleep wins with aria (nerf aria!) Bass wins with Cinder (nerf Cinder!) Nicky wins with Fulgor (nerf Fulgore!) and on and on it goes. I’m not going to argue with you about the details of Eagle, but I think we just have to get out of the habit of seeing amazing players make stuff look awesome and then trying to change the game to get the tournament results we want.

I suppose it’s a moot point because the game is finished and they won’t be making any adjustments to it.

Amenty won with Eagle

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Who did he beat in the finals? Bass or Sleep?


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Eagle was just under looked cause his potential was never truly seen. When someone like Amenty takes him on people think it’s broken, but it’s actually just the character being used at its highest potential. Eagle didn’t take Amenty to the finals either way. It was his great defense and game knowledge that really made him shine. And character unfamiliarity :yum: like cmon eagle AND shin Hisako. This tourney was crazy


Probably should have put some spoiler warnings in case some were waiting to watch at a later date.

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I suppose. But the matches are still amazing and worth watching.

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Really good stuff. I’m bummed I couldn’t make it out to St. Charles. I’ve been watching the finals and I’m glad to see a lot of character variety.

I never thought I would see Sleep in a situation like that. He has been such a dominant player with Aria for so long. To see Amenty with Eagle give him such grief – I was gobsmacked. Chicago represent!

All props to SonicDolphin for the Kim Wu play. And I’m glad LCD decided to come out and play again. Making it to Top8 is tough no matter who you are and that he can consistently do it in tournaments is a testament to his skill despite how salty he has been in the past.

I was a bit bummed to see Thompxson’s play was a little uninspired this time. He still made it to Top8, but it seemed to be missing some pizzazz.

Also, I am so glad Sajam has the love that he does for the game. It’s always good to hear him commenting. That man is a treasure.

Shout out to the Kim Wu cosplayer at CB, whoever that was! Very visible in the front row during the Tekken top 8.
Didn’t catch the KI Top 8 yet, so thanks for the spoilers guys (jk). Thanks for representing the game at a major tourney again, its awesome to see KI still get some spotlight!

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