Combo Breaker 2018 KI stream schedule TODAY!

Thompxson tweeted on his way home that he’s going through some sad stuff in his personal life (no details). So he may have been preoccupied.

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Great job guys! I thoroughly enjoyed the stream! @STORM179
Damnn eagle is insane!

I’ve definitely been there. Hopefully it is something that can be overcome.

@BigBadAndy I definitely get where you are coming from, but after a really amazing tournament to have the final be that bad of a wipeout was, to my eye, a problem. Removing the “safe bird” and having it stay on the ground longer when crashed, as well as taking out a couple of arrows would go a long way towards fixing it. This isn’t something players can “adjust” to because you literally can’t go on offense against that character when he’s played ideally.

It’s the same thing that happened with TJ and Maya thirty months ago and Shago at the first World Cup; tournaments get won not just out of matchup unfamiliarity but because there are broken tools in the toolkit of newer characters. It’s worth nothing that in some of the cases you mentioned, nerfs WERE warranted and actually did happen. Sometimes they overdid it (Kan-Ra, Arbiter) but at least they tried. Casual audiences don’t want to see Jago, Fulgore and Sabrewulf every final for the rest of the life of the game.

Also good luck to Thompxson. You’re not alone, bud.

Balance opinions can vary and frankly I have no opinion on Eagle whatsoever. I have barely played as him or against him.

But I have to say it’s a HUGE pet peeve to watch someone win a tournament and have people discount it because of the character. If Eagle is so broken then top 24 would have been 24 Eagle players. I think k it’s easy to look at a masterful player wrecking someone with a character and say “there’s really nothing you can do if he plays this right.” It’s a LOT harder to play it right. Another darn good player playing eagle got knocked out if the top 24.

I just come down on the side of only change it if you absolutely have to. And one guy winning one tournament doesn’t tell me that Eagle is “broken.”

Of course it’s a moot point because the game is finished with balance changes at this point.


Agreed 100%. In the hands of a skilled player any character in this game can look broken as all get out. While I may have my complaints against some characters (I’m looking at you Glacius) it is 99 times out of 100 times my own fault for not practicing my match ups. So just because one character wins a tournament it doesn’t warrant a nerf especially in a game as balanced as this where pretty much any character can win a tournament.

In a race you can give someone the fastest car out of their opponents but it still takes a skillful driver to win the race.

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Especially since Sleep was using Aria, who is perhaps the best character in the game – or at least in the top 3.