Combo Assist, DO YOU USE IT?

I use it, because I suck, and I don’t like to lose constantly. Thoughs on combo assist, does using it make me less of a player, any good tips as to not use it and still be able to not totally suck?

I only use Ender assist and Ultra assist mainly because of DP motions but since they are going to change which enders are assisted, I might as well turn it off again in a week.

Ender and Ultra assist, I thought combo assist mode was the only one?

You can customize it. There are separate settings for openers, linkers, enders and ultras.

Oh, alright. That makes sense, I use the full mode, sometimes it feels like I am cheating though.

If you want to transition off combo assist mode, it just takes practice in training. You’ll have to spend some time practicing your execution, that’s all there is to it.

It’s not cheating to use combo assist mode, though. The execution it replaces, while not something you earn for free at the start of your FG career, is not challenging for most players and is not the primary skill you need to worry about testing if you’re trying to improve at KI. I would work on your general fighting game acumen first (positioning, decision making, reactions, etc), and then if you still feel your mid-combo execution is lacking, you can turn of combo assist and try to improve it, if you want to do that.


Fair enough, with some characters I can still win (or at least could back the few times I played before I really got into it recently) Saberwolf is one I can win with sometimes, his combos are pretty easy to pull off.

My wife kicked my ■■■ using it. I think it makes things more interesting. I haven’t tried it out myself however, I was worried it was cheating as well when I heard about it at first, more I’m considering it.

It isn’t an auto win by anymeans, but it does make me feel better, and I still do the motions so I don’t lose the flow for when I come out of it.

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It definitely looks like a good feature for helping introduce and teach players now that I’ve seen it in action. I certainly need it myself though I still haven’t decided who I actually want to main haha

Season 1 main for me is Saberwolf, since I was semi decent with him before CAM was introduced. Season 2 main, haven’t decided yet, season 3 main is gonna be arbiter.

No, and i won 't. I prefer to learn playing the hard way.

I use to use the Ultra assist because I would mess up the DP ultras like Jago or Fulgore all the time. I have gotten a bit better, so I’m keeping off for now.

Do I use combo assist? No, I do not. I’m old school. :older_man:

I bought a TE2 and trained my execution to the point in which it feels more natural to hold then a regular controller. I don’t think I’ll ever need any sort of combo assist. :wink:

No, I don’t use it. Using CAM doesn’t make you any less of a player though - it was put in specifically to help new players be able to perform in the manner you’re describing. KI’s execution isn’t particularly difficult, and once to you get to a certain basic proficiency your wins and losses are generally due far more to things like neutral control, defense, and your breaker game.

If you want to wean yourself off CAM, then do as you’re doing now and continue to do the motions within combo, but also go into practice periodically, turn it completely off, and then see how well you perform your combos.

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No but I should use it can’t do those motions for the life of me.

Since day one the fact that heavy linkers are done by holding a light or a medium button, BUT heavy auto-doubles are done using the heavy buttons has destroyed my brain. I have done enders by accident sooo many times to the point I had to stop doing heavy linkers & doubles all together, combo assist has saved me from this… too bad it prevents me from doing Jago’s “around the world” doubles so I have to remember to toggle it when ever I switch characters.

Hold back while in combo to get a character’s combo trait with CAM on.

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No and my friend who started playing and wanted to actually get good first thing i told them was to deactivate it, otherwise they wouldnt even understand the game. IMO its just good for people that wanna play it casually that have no interest in learning.