Combo Assist broke Around the World (and possibly other traits)

The Combo Assist Mode Discussion thread has mentioned this, but it revolves around people discussing whether or not CA is good thing. I’m making a separate thread so that this particular subject gets attention. As of this patch, I can no longer do Around the World with Jago and his evil twin Shago; by extension, this must be the case with Omen, too. It might affect other characters, too (Orchid’s trait, maybe Spinal/Fulgore triple-doubles, what about Orchid and Hisako’s rekkas? - don’t have time right now to go through all of them).

What’s the offical word on this? I want my combo traits back. :frowning:

Combo traits are done by holding back and the strength you used.


Oh no kidding? Didn’t know that. I haven’t had a chance to play in the last few days, so I haven’t tried this out yet, but good to know. Thanks!

Okay, thanks for the info.

I’ve been all for Combo Assist so far, but now I’m not so sure. First of all, it does change the core mechanics (of combo traits). So if you play with CA enabled, you learn to do your traits holding back, but without CA enabled, you do them as usual (although, to be fair, they will probably work holding back as well). Not cool.

Additionally, while I see the CA toggle on the character select screen, I would rather there was a global toggle in the options. Good thing it remembers your last setting (I hope it also remembers when you come back to play another day after turning off the game and/or console).

All in all not a big deal, I’ll have to ask some friends to try it out who thought the original system was too complicated (non-fighting game players), but I actually doubt that it’ll have a big impact, if any.

You can also go custom settings on combo assist and turn linkers assist off, this seems to allow for combo traits to be used. Well it does Shago anyway.

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:grin::smirk: so simple @ShabuWL

Its common forum etiquette to READ all the posts in a topic before you create a new topic about the same thing. This topic was already discussed in the original thread, and the answer is in the replies.

I tried to find it, honest, but there were so many posts and everyone kept going on about “is this good or bad for the community” that it just got too tedious. I saw the question, but not the answer.

I completely understand.

Believe me, I wasnt wanting to read all 300 posts either! :smile:

So the secret to getting past that is: Scroll down and look ONLY for posts by staff. In this case, a guy named “Infil” was answering everyones questions, so i just looked for his posts, and thats how i got my answer.