Color Edit/Accessory Edit

Let me preface this with saying that I do love the additional color options that were added in Season 2 (Ultimate Electro Kan-Ra is awesome), but obviously there are some colors that I feel don’t really look right/blended right in some of the options for the S1/S2 cast. So, instead of nitpicking and choosing each individual character’s gripes, what would be the technical limitations of the MS/IG team adding a Color Edit functionality?

Though seen in recent fighters like Cross Tekken and KOFXIII, color edit seems to be a bit of an anomaly in modern fighting games. What I liked about the color edit mode in those games is not just the simple ‘themed’ colors like a Hulk-colored Goro Daimon, but there are some color edits I do that soften the look of the character’s sprite for me, to make it stand out more in the environments.

The same could be said in KI, for characters like Aganos the colors are a bit too washed for my tastes and in some stages he seems to blend in a lot with the stage. F*cks with my eyes a whole lot.

So…yeah, color/accessory edit’s my suggestion. c:

I really like this idea. The issue however is that the colors and accessories have been a source of income for KI. I think that it would be awesome if in season 3 that once you achieve the highest level possible with that character, which is currently Lvl 50, a color edit would be unlocked. This achievement/reward cannot be purchased just like color 9. Only through hard work and perseverance can one ascertain this feature. It would truly be a source of motivation for the most dedicated of players and it wouldn’t take away from KI’s income since all the other colors could be purchased just as before. This is my dream…

Only thing I dislike about this idea is that I enjoy unlocking more colors for each character. If anything, I’d like more of their designs, though I can certainly see the merits of OPs idea.

It would be nice to open an accessory color editor once you unlock all of the characters accessories at level 50. Seems like a fairly decent number of accessories tend to only look good with one or maybe two character colors.

I’ve wanted a real accessory recoloring feature since season one, when Jago and Glacius had color changing accessories that never quite worked right. The way we got them kinda sucked, just adding new accessories with new colors is so limiting.