Cinder's Color 10 has been shown!


I am totally buying the figure Day 1 now.

The time for fired up, i think should be shown as a meter

Somehow, I don’t think the figure will do him justice…


I’m not even a Conder player, but Jesus. That’s one amazing color, I might have to give him another go just to rock that.


I’m not sure anyone is a Conder player


Did someone say my name?


I’d buy it if only the guys selling it would stop cancelling my damn order…I still want that Fulgore figure!


This made me laugh harder than I expected.

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I think I need to start playing Cinder now.

Like now.




Im confused.

He looks like they just took his red color, and added his blue body.

That’s not cool at all.

Am i missing something?


Could you like to the video or wherever you got this? Would love to see it in action!

Thanks for posting it!


They showed Spinal colour 10 too. It’s a similar colour to Shago colour 10. I like it.


It’s like the fire from a stove. It starts off blue then build up to be red at the tip.




This color is so badass. Thank IG.

Now we need to know when @UltimateToy will ship out wave 2.


Yeah, a lack of optimism BOI! GET HYPE!!!1!

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I neeeeed it!


Great, so they’re turning him into a walking, talking stovetop? Ooh, so scary… Ooh, so cool…


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That was kinda rude don’t you think?


I just think it’s actually a bad color combo is all and don’t see why everyone loves it, even if it is a bit realistic. It’s 1 color away from being patriotic in the “'Merica!” sense…

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