Cinder's Color 10 has been shown!

I think you mean, “Ooh, so hot!..” :wink:

I think it looks great!


I dont like it either and Cinder is my main.

Nobody said you guys had to like it


I like it! I just wish I could see it in a slightly higher resolution is all…

Now, if they could only do something like a blackish color with a purple and crimson fade similar to this color as well, kinda like a Satsui no Hadou Cinder, that would be evil.

You bet I did!

I’ll challenge you! I am the real Kan Misters!


If his actual FIRE was A mix of blue and red, then it would be cool,

But All this really is, is “color 1” with “color 2”'s body.

Absolutely the least creative customization in the game.

Which is your opinion, and what you are entitled to hold, but we only have a lower resolution photograph of the color, not an actual high-def, in action shot. I’m willing to bet it looks better in game.

At any rate, I think it’s pretty creative. It captures the actual blue glowing flames from the fuel source and a red corona from the dissipating ash layer.

It’s like Cinder was made of clean burning propane. Hank would be proud.


This is what I would like to see…

No it’s on yesterdays pax stream

If anything. It’s a lot better than Color 10 Shago, Jago, TJ Combo, Hisako, Sabrewulf and Fulgore (with the exception of Spinal).

To me there’s a thin line between making an out of place Color 10 and making a “Shiny Pokemon” Color 10.

I think Cinder’s Color 10 was right on the line. I would’ve changed the eyes though. Again, that’s just me.

The least creative? Have you seen Fulgore’s? They literally just took color 4 and put red on some of it. They didn’t even change the DH logo on his core!


Thats a good point.

I actually thought this color was very good because the colors are very “race car” inspired.

It absolutely looks like the design of a muscle car or indy car. (or ambulance :stuck_out_tongue: )

I really don’t see how a color option can be considered “lazy”…

You probably haven’t seen Hisako’s Color 10. Of course IMHO, that could be considered lazy.

Yes, I’ve seen all the Color 10s (minus Orchid’s) and I do think Hisako’s is boring. But “lazy” is a weird word to describe it because I’m pretty sure coloring a dress is the same amount of effort for every color.

Unless of course you were asking for more, such as a skin tone change.

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I like it! Im not liking Tjs color 10 so far from what Ive seen though.

So far color 10s have been cool except fro Hisako and Jagos… neither are anything special IMO.

I believe “lazy” could only be used if a color involves copy-and-pasting 2 colors that ALREADY EXIST to make them a new color.

The blue in this color is darker than the blue in color 2. Therefore not the same color. Just throwing that out there.

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Are you going to paint the soles of your shoes blue now?

If you could pull it off, that would be sick, and would totally justify the color 10 in my eyes.

And Fade it? Dude, that would look hype.

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