Cinder's Color 10 has been shown!


I’d literally buy those shoes from you. XD


That’s pretty cool, I honestly imagined something totally different.


As opposed to taking a brilliant blue color from Jago’s default and turning it that weird shade of brown for his color 10? Then again, I’m not partial to brown, so it just strikes me as odd.

Cinder’s color 10 looks better than a lot of others, it’s an interesting interaction between two color blends, which is more realistic of earthly fire color blends, typical of propane combustion. It hardly looks like a copy/paste job, and that darker blue seems cool. So basically, they are trying a more unique two tone of fire rather than the traditional single color Cinder has been known for so far.

Also, you don’t really use Cinder, so why is this so important to you anyway? I plan on using this color at first chance I get! I just wish maybe someone like @rukizzel maybe could provide a nice higher res screenshot for us of what it looks like in game? Since he’s the coolest community manager of all time…


That’s a very tempting idea. I’m probably not gonna do it though. Why ruin perfection? Kappa


THis is better than Cinders Color 9. Was gonna buy the figure cause I love Cinder. now I’m gonna do it for the color too


My poor wallet is gonna get wrecked by these damn figures.

There’s so many I want.


At least they’re relatively cheap for the quality. Normally figures like this go for 60 or up.



Do you know which video this is from?


Is that real?


Yes. They used it with gameplay and all when they were showcasing Mira.


It was shown again yesterday at KI pro leagues by Bass. Looked really cool


Any screenshots or video?



I’m not a cinder main However the color is alright but the flames needs to be a different color and it will look better.


It’s been all over Bass’s Youtube channel. He’s got a lot of sets recorded where he’s using it against different opponents.




Does anyone know how to get cinder color 10?


Ultimate Source’s second wave of figures, as of yet not released.