Cinder's Color 10 has been shown!


I saw it the 1st time on Pro Leagues.


I learned a lot about Cinder from that set (for example, I had no idea that you could burnout cancel off of a throw). Thank you! :grin:


i think you better thank xibassix for that. i only posted the video :stuck_out_tongue:


So I love this color, it’s super cool, but it honestly really bugs me that his face is orange when the mask comes off? Like it should really be blue like his body y’know? …


They need to make this a terror skin and release it tomorrow but maybe let the flames engulf his entire head tobthe point u can’t see his head just fire and have a contrasting color for his eyes


How to have the color 10 of cinder and tj combo?


Giveaways on twitter.