The time for fired up, i think should be shown as a meter

Why no sound effect? I’m sure some people would appreciate it.

don’t really see a reason not have a sound effect in addition, sound cues are already a common and important part of the game, don’t think it’d be too bad


Im against the sound effect because Cinder is a fireman, if we talk about sounds effect he should have one all the time but that would be annoying, and because it would go unnoticed because of all the sounds effect that we have in the game during a fight.
Im not realy against the idea of the sound but i believe that its unnecesary but if they make this ill be happy to.
VladKravich: You made me remember the blue Cinder with a red aura.

just fire up his shadow meter.

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His color 10 shipping with the Ultimate Source Action figure will feature a propane style blue body with red outer flame. Who knows when they plan on putting it on sale though, it’s eating me up waiting for it…

It actually does have a sound effect to his fired up state, but unless you’re wearing headphones, it’s easy to miss. It needs to either be louder or more of a bass to the flame burst.

To that though, I’ll reiterate from earlier, unless this meter that’s being suggested shows us the exact moment Cinder gains fired up status, I would feel like it is nothing more than a redundancy in the system. It doesn’t tell you anything you can’t already see, the fired up state is a little hard to dictate on some color schemes. But since Hisako can see her wrath, Arbiter can see his grenade regeneration state, Mira has an idea of her greyed health, etc., being able to see when Cinder is going to get his fired up state is something as a Cinder player I would really appreciate myself. No more predicting when it’s gonna happen, but a clear indication of when it’s going to happen.

I can get behind this idea.

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Is there pictures of it? Citation?

This wouldnt change nothing. The problem with the fired up state is that you dont know when happens the change and you end wasting the state in something like a pyrobomb. It has to be a meter like the wrath meter of Hisako or the granade meter of Arbiter too see the fired up state coming.

I think that gaining the fired-up state should be somewhat unexpected, as fired-up Inferno and Fission are such integral parts of opening up or locking down opponents in the neutral and during pressure respectively due to their surprise factor. If a fired-up state could always be predicted well in advance by Cinder’s opponent during his pressure, approach, or while he is being set up against, it also allows them to plan ahead perhaps too easily.

I think there should be an icon or bar which remains the same outside of the flared-up state, but catches fire quickly perhaps a half-second before the fired-up state occurs. It then becomes very intensely enflamed (maybe white or bright orange) during the fired-up state. This allows Cinder to not squander his new tools so easily, means the opponent will not always be immediately prepared, and allows opponents an always unobscured way to notice him firing up.

The opponent’s knowledge that Cinder is almost fired up may allow him to condition opponents more easily and then mixup with other options more effectively, which is nice.

you dont understand. The flame comes up through the bar only when fired up. It remains normal before the 8 seconds. Just like the nitro bar form those burnout games.

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Now i get it. I would be fine with this.

This thread showed it off months ago.

I’d rather it be an alternate gauge, for facilitation purposes. Having a flame grow around the shadow meter will probably be hard to see until it’s actually fully lit up, and/or it might even end up making it so the shadow itself is harder to take into account.

Just add something like a mercury thermometer on top of the shadow meter, in the same place as hisako’s wrath is, and have it fill up with time and glow bright red at the tip when fired up. Or something along those lines.

I’d also be on board with raising the volume for the sound effect of the fired up activation. As it stands it’s kinda hard to listen to.

Damn, it looks a little crappy. =(

I think a low res photo isn’t exactly a great way to judge the quality of the costume itself, and I’d rather see it in action than go by that photo. But from what I’ve seen, I’m actually pretty excited for it. It’s like they are trying to match a propane burning pattern, in which you have the blue fuel combustion transitioning into the reddish flame soot layer.

All I can say is if you aren’t sold on it, wait until we see it in game. Never has any low res preview IG ever put for any content done the actual in game model justice. At least reserve full judgment until then.

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I’m excited for it, I’m pretty sure it looks amazing but so far that picture… aagh whatever lol I’ll wait. The shoulder armor needs to be blue too, otherwise it looks wierd.

I dont like the blue eyes. I want to see the custome in action to give my real opinion.

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shrug I think the color 10 looks sick.

yeesh im surprised this grew this much when i went to go study abroad.

So to an way earlier statement. its not like i wanted to be a nerf, rather a quality of life update. to see something that is a gameplay tool that is has a timer should be indicated by a meter. That meter scales with how much time is left.

If i really want to get specific, then do it like this: its a bar about the same size as the shadow meter below it. Nothing too decorative but give it a flame pattern at the (player 1) right part of the bar. The bar is divided into 4 sections. As time goes by its starts to fill up from (player 1) left to right, every two seconds a section is filled up. when the time elapses to the point where the bar is filled (8 seconds) the flame pattern on the bar is given life and has a animation.

Instead of focusing on Cinder when i should be focusing on my opponent and seeing if he is obscurly getting brighter or not, i can just glance at the meter. the time in between is not given by visual cues. its not like he gets brighter over time. theres only two states he has: shiny and not shiny, nothing in between. i know its 8 seconds, the game tells its 8 seconds, we know that. i look at the meter, “oh its halfway full, i have 4 seconds till i get fired up”.

my main issue is, and people have mentioned it before, characters that have something that gains a modifier to a move or gains a move in general have an indicator. why not cinder?

people mentioned that a sound indicator should also be added. thats not the case since a sound indicator does play when you get fired up already. its just really quiet compared of al the action thats going on

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its makes you wonder about a certain RNG mechanic that a split faced monster has, amirite?

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for the sake of the halo reference, i dont think a number indicator for bullets is an idea i can get behind, but i agree with ur other statements