Cinder is Weak

i think Cinder is the weakest character of the game. not like what he was before. He needs some serious buffs. he doesn’t have any strong forward move or any fast medium range normal. All of his moves are slow and weak and he either ends up playing cheaply with his bombs and infernos or he plays too much in the air which needs a lot of a result of this he is not fun and nobody plays with him. plus 1.) it is difficult to control his trailblazer direction (I play with controller) 2.) he always loses in AI vs AI matches.

2 things i would like to see.

1.) different input for his trailblazer, instead of back to forward kick, is should be like any fast second direction input + kick,so that he could again do his forward,forward + kick or up,down + kick or forward,up + kick,this could make him so much faster.trailblazer should also be stronger,it loses almost to any forward move. plus opponent should not be able to grab cinder while trailblazer.

2.) he needs a new mid range fast move, it should be like forward + punch,because all of his normals are short range (except his down + heavy kick, which is not an opener) and slow and almost useless, plus he has very short grab and loses to the most grab battles because of the distance ( i think he only wins hisako but she also has other grab commands).

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