Cinder getting overconfident - Omega suit mod request

From what I read, it seems like you pretty much just want another naked Cinder. You just really want to see his exposed, HOT body don’t you. Then clearly the answer is to get the retro if you want it so badly.

And if you’re into skinny guys, I’m pretty sure there’s a stage ultra glitch that can solve your problem.


Well I just don’t like the mask but I like the fire affects. I think he looks awesome in Instinct. I guess liking the new cinder fire effects is such a bad thing now is it?

Tbh I like the new Cinder look. At least be grateful they changed him to not look like another Glacius character model; that would’ve been awful.

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Yep, pretty much. But some people think we are just nitpicking. :expressionless:

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Pftttt. I chuckled a bit at that.

To be frank I really do not mind his new lool. Still different enough to a point where there is a reason for the retro, but still close enough to the original. Is it perfect? Nope it’s certainly not.

Cinder is a very difficult character to learn, but as someone who mains him, once you know how to use all his tools in the right way you can win. Took me alot of practice but it was worth it. If you ever plan on picking him up drop a line on the “How to be Burnier” topic for new players who want to pick up Cinder, if not, well see ya on the battlefild buddy :wink: [quote=“BigBadAndy, post:4, topic:2515, full:true”]
Mouthgate 2.0

For the record, you can always argue that characters would look better or worse with different changes. But I think that Cinder looks fine the way he is.

Pretty much this.

And this. Aside from having an extra finger, which is understandably due to the rig, Cinder’s retro costume is pretty ■■■■ close. Hell I use it from time to time.

One of the many reasons I would choose my words carefully.

Can you predict the future? you don’t really know how the PC players will feel about the game till they actually get their hands on it.

also: speak for yourself dude I like Cinder’s new look. tis my opinion though.

As for his flaws, only thing I’d like them to touch up on are the fire effects on his body. Really that’s about it.

Generally because it’s all based on opinion, you may not like something that other folks like, and in some instances; what’s big to you is minor to others. So it may sound like life and death to you but it is nitpicking to others. Don’t take it to seriously if someone disagrees : >

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Lets stick to the real issue here. JAGOS RETRO HAIR. Now that, is worth looking over. Cinder is okay for the most part, I actually sort of got used to him.

His retro hair isn’t too bad. It’s his new hair that needs to be fixed.

His new hair is fine, his retro in this game stand out as unappealing.

I mean this…

vs this…

Probably won’t change your mind in any way, still just his hair looks like a clunk of ice chocolate. His new one doesn’t look all that bad, odd at first but it feels fine on him.

This is not about predicting the future. Im talking about some stupid PC fanboys who make fun of consoles and their policies, like being unable to mod anything.

PC fanboys th tmake fun of cosnoles I wouldn’t even worry or consider their opinion.

Why should you care? it’s just the word of the fan-boys : p those who take an interest to KI will do so, those who will sit and just laugh at everything all day will do just that.

We don’t even know if KI will be able to have mods or not. As far as the devs are concerned RIGHT this moment is whether the net-play on PC is good or not. once the devs deal with that, THEN we can worry about mods.

one step at a time dude. We simply can’t predict what is gonna happen till it happens.

wtf? I didn’t said anything like that. Its you who are saying those things about Cinder. So if you think he’s that hot, its not of my concern. A little controversial this talk of yours don’t you think?

Don’t try to play the fool here. This is about KI 's future and the future of this character. When PC mods arrive, people may regret to have bought a Xbox. Have fun with this silly looking character of yours which you’ve said its a hot thing with bold letters.

Well I’m sorry you got mad at my double-meaning joke. lol

I mean your profile pic is a bare naked man on fire. I’m sure you can put two-and-two together.

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said the person who think is Cinder himself.

Dude. You’ve been flagged 2 times already for making the exact same comment. Don’t you think you should stop? And before you ask, no it’s not me flagging you.

You’re not even reading what’s announced by the post. Whatever most people at this forum agree about his new look being a bad joke. This is the worst containment suit i ever seen. Why its not all over the Cinder’s body? Someone at least has to try telling iron galaxy that most people are disappointed with this weird character design. You can try to insult me whatever you want but the Cinder pic on my profile is way more legit than this BS missing parts of a fake containment suit awful joke. Good to you like ridiculous characters.

So many deleted posts. lol

Ok. Tbh Cinder is a nude dude on fire. Nothing can change that.

He’s got a HOT body, with a Mouth on FIRE. Litterally. Lol It’s ok if you don’t like the model. At least if you like the character, you can overlook it, right? I don’t like Jago’s Retro hair too much, but I’m not worried about it, nor waiting for mods to fix it, IF there is even going to be Mod Support for KI PC.

I’m not trying to start anything, and trying to stay out of the convo, but I mean this in the nicest way. I don’t see the point in posting this, as It just seems as you ran out of things to say. :)[quote=“CrimsonScorch88, post:42, topic:2515”]
This is the worst containment suit i ever seen. Why its not all over the Cinder’s body?

It’s actually part of the story I believe.

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Some of us like NuCinder, others don’t.

It’s OK.

Let’s hug it out fellas. Love love love.

Bro Hugging it out. It’s Ok. We good :wink:

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