Cinder Fission Linker Reset

Hello KI community I found a nasty new tech with Cinder and I will also inform you what to do against it.
Lets call this the TimeBomb.

The Bug (TimeBomb) allows you to keep Heavy Fission linker active on an opponent when they quick stand or try to DP.

Like This

What it can do*

TimeBomb can be combo’d from, adds a ton of hit stun on block, can interrupt some shadow moves if you “cinder” choose to block because why not, if combo’d from in some situations it cannot cash out so usually you will need to do a burnout ender. The TimeBomb can be manipulated to hitting the opponent 1-2 times on their quickstand and it will not work on opponents who wait to wakeup normally. It is not hard to do but it takes precision and in high level play planning. Anyways enough of the downplaying it’s pretty disturbing because it can interrupt jago’s shadow dp on 2 hits of the TimeBomb, but will only hit him once. Also in the new patch it will most likely only be able to hit 2 times because of this *Fixed a bug that made his Inferno and Trailblazer linkers blow out before their final hit. Fission linker will continue to blow out on its 1st hit due to a separate issue.

How to Defend against it
You can sit still and wake up normally
Block(pretty hurtful because hit stun just don’t quick stand)
Some shadow moves I don’t know which sorry.

Bonus situation/combo.

You can find more videos on my xbox clips about some of those situations.

Thank you and please do spread the word or get bodied.


I met a guy who tried showing this to me before but couldn’t pull it off. Now I see what he was talking about.

I think IG already knows about this though. It’s not gonna get patched out tomorrow but I won’t be expecting this to last too long.

EDIT: That second clip is SO SICK!

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They didn’t know actually Keits told me to post it up and thank you.

Well now they do know then. And now they’re getting to work on fixing it. :frowning:

Everything we know and love is being taken away. I get why, but…still hurts.

Aw…and I was lookin forward to using this. It seemed so awesome.

Ummm, it’s still there. You can still use it as of right now.

ya its still in buddy, it will be at least a month before they fix that.

Well if it’s going to be gone in a month I might as well not touch it at all. lol it’s fine though. Still it was freakin’ awesome!

Honestly its a guestimate and i don’t think another patch is coming for a while since the next patch would ideally be Shadow Jago and even then who knows how hard it would be to fix that bug not to mention when the shadow jago patch will be.