Cheating to Win?

Of late, I’m running into players that have multiple stars that are lagging matches to get wins. In fact one player, who is a Glacius main, actually has the word cheat in his gamertag. In all cases as soon as they start to lose, the match begins to lag like crazy. This isn’t just random lag. It’s deliberately synced to stop an Ultra or give them advantage. This also occurs EVERY time you fight them. If they are winning, no lag whatsoever. I faced a Sabrewulf last night that does the same thing. I threw a match just to see what would happen. No lag. During the second match, I got a massive life lead, and no sooner did that happen, the match began to lag like crazy, UNTIL he was in the lead. I still ended up winning. The next match was virtually unplayable, but once again and as I was about to win, it “lagged out”.

With these two individuals, this occurs every match they play, UNLESS they are winning.

Last month, I got put on Probation due to Wizard’s shenanigans. Because of HIS cheating, I lost out on several thousand points due to people rage quitting.

In all cases I report the individual via Xbox Live, but it WOULD be nice to be able to block said people, to prevent me from getting screwed due to their cheating.

My suggestion is this, if you block somebody, the block lasts 24 hours, to prevent you from being rematched with the same person over and over again.

That’s just one solution I’m thinking about. But honestly, things like this ruin Ranked for me.


Yeah how do the Devs not notice Wizard and his 229,000000 points?? WTF?


That’s unfortunate that you had to sit through that nonsense.

Cheaters should be banned for 24 hours pulling stunts like that for easy wins.

I’ll never understand why people care so much about win-count, that they’re cheating just to get it…

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To be honest, I’m sort of done with KI for a bit. The game is not only glitchy (was in Killer, was sent to Gold, got back to Killer, was sent back to Gold) the amount of cheaters in Ranked is just stupid. I’ve uninstalled it and it will remain uninstalled for the foreseeable future.

Last’s month’s Probation and this month’s glitches have ruined it for me. I just need to cool down for a few weeks and focus on other stuff, before I get angry and wipe my saved data again. I’ve already had to do it three times to fix corrupted files that prevented me from playing. At the moment this is just all too much. :disappointed_relieved:


Yeah i know who your talking bout. I watched that same glaci a month ago go from 58th place to 28th in the last 10 mins of ranks for the month. I was watching the boards cuz i was in 28th place and didnt want to risk losing and getting bumped out at the last few seconds thats when i noticed some foul play. That lag poppin glaci kept jumping 1000’s and 100’s of points every minute. Like in the time it would take to just get a match let alone play one he would jump mutliple times. Pretty sad. Also he knocked a friend of mine out of top 32 and dropped me to 31st place. Not the first time i saw stuff like this either. I’ve seen some foul play amongst some clans as well but im not gonna name names. Its just sad and unfortunate that theres so few spots in top 32 and people have to “cheet” and steal a spot that should go to someone who put the time and energy into it.

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These ppl cheating for points, wow.
Life must be really boring or sad if you feel the need to cheat for a virtual star.

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So how are these clans cheating and who are they…drop names clan letters please.

Not gonna name anybody cause i cant prove anything but ive seen it a few times and if u watch the boards while you play you can figure out who it is. Two clan members will be in top 5 then within an hour or two a third member will come from out of nowhere into the top 32 with hardly any wins at all. Then the two in top 5 will have say dropped to around 14th n 15th with the third clan member directly underneath them with under 30 matches for the month. Like i said tho cant prove anything but it seems hella suspect tho.

So you think they trade wins and losses to get big point boosts? SO say if I’m in 5th and you are in 100th and I let you win, thus giving you 1,000 points and a huge boost. Yet I only loose 50 points?
Interesting… you know, as long as the ability is there …someone will always take advantage of anything they can conjure up within the system.
Not sure there is anything that can be done about that.

Yeah online Leader boards and Rankings are literally always rubbish for literally every single game… their only saving grace is if the system you’re on has a filter that only compares how you rank against your friends and only your friends.

Beyond that if you want to get the most of online Leader Boards then you got only the first week of the game’s release… it takes alil time to implement Exploitations in some games so you pretty much need to be an early adopter to get your money’s worth… After the first week, all bets are off.

You are fully aware that call-out posts aren’t allowed on this forum.

Indeed, it seems most people do it for bragging rights.


But… bragging about what? Some stupid number in a game? Unless you pursue a career in becoming a professional tournament player, no one cares!


I personally don’t honestly care enough with ‘convenient lag’ or ‘ranked leaderboard abuse’ or what amounts to online witch hunts to prove them. It honestly tires me out.

It DOES suck to hear that ruin the integrity of the online experience though, which is something I think I put more weight toward than a person or groups’ actions to cheat a system.

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A team pre fix isnt a GT call out. Yes Im am aware MR Incupus

… Are you drunk? Well, it is Saturday…

But I dunno, @moderators… is calling out a team against the rules?

I dont drink

I dunno, I could have sworn your typing was slurred… it’s also Mr. IncuBus. :wink:

Naming and shaming is against the rules unless the cheater has been outed by the devs, such was the case of Wizard.

I always PM a mod or a developer in respect to a cheater.

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Yup, indeed so.

I think some also just don’t ant to put in the effort of building their skill up so they cheat. Either way it is inexcusable it is a permanent ban waiting to happen.