Cheap spammy characters & op characters

Why practice when you can pick a Character that has teleportation and spam the same move over and over. Example Spinal, Fulgore, Shadow Jago, etc. I think you get the point. All plays spammy as hell throw a projectile then teleport behind it. Oh I am about to die teleport 500x, seriously why are there so many characters that can teleport I don’t get it. Let’s not mention all the cheap new bosses that was added recently. As the game progresses it becomes cheaper and cheaper ever new SEASON. They are making this game so anyone can pick a cheap spammy character and feel good about playing. For the love of god this game is so BROKEN. Unbalance characters, super spammy characters, OP characers take your pick. I am so over this game, playing is more headache than joy. I will win my share of matches but half the time I am being spam to death by someone with a Teleportation character or one of the New Bosses.Let me not get into how CHEAP Shadow Jago is, he is one of the cheapest characters I have ever seen in a fighting game OMG. Talk about cheap. This game is for anyone who enjoys spamming 1 move 500x.

jump back with crossup kick, or use specials that move your character forward (minimizes risk of getting hit by these teleport shenanigans, i.e. tusk qcf+kick)

A simple throw will work on spinal. Alot of characters have ways around projectiles, other than blocking.

I mean, if you don’t give them a reason to stop doing those moves then what reason do they have to stop? Learn how to punish those tactics and turn spamming players into easy wins.


I throw alot sometimes it works other times I am in crossup hell. Being beat to death by the spam bags. I throw about 70% of the time. Alot of my game play involves throwing. Sometimes I catch them other times or most the time it’s useless

I’ve seen more “spammy” characters in other fighting games that I have in KI.

Shadow Jago is the #1 most spammiest character I have ever seen in my entire life of playing fighting games. If not #1 he is in the top 5 of all time OMG. People pick him and swear they are skilled spamming teleports projectiles and crossups

Whom are you using when you get spammed to death? Maybe we can give you some tips.

PS. I think everyone at least goes through a Shago hate phase. Some people never leave that phase, even after they learn how to beat him. He can be beaten. His moveset just makes him extremely frustrating until you learn how. Also, I think Shago hate has at least something small to do with the perception that new players can win with him before they learn how the game really works. Karma gets them, though. If they Shago their way to Gold without learning the game’s basics (i.e. they win by spamming his unsafe tricky specials), then they’ll hit a wall of people who can actually beat Shago, and they won’t be able to switch or get better, so they’ll have to relearn the game from scratch, again.

Just know that you’re in the company of what might be an entire player base :slight_smile:


I guess our definitions of spam are a little different.

When I think spam I think Cervantes shooting me full screen and doing nothing else, I think of Lizardman rolling around like a ball and doing nothing else, I think of Jaqui Briggs shooting you from full-screen and doing nothing else.

A Shago throwing out random moves and catching you up isn’t spam.

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I have beaten my share of SHAGO players a decent amount but I will say 65% of the time I get destroyed by relentless crossups spammy projectiles and teleportation attack non stop can’t even react. He is the worse character ever.

I use RIPTOR that is my main character. Another gripe of mines why is riptor special so easy to cancel. Almost all the characters can slap me out of a wakeup special even when they are not expecting it. It gets super fustration while other characters have safe specials that you can’t stop RIPTOR specials is so easy to stop before it begins that it drives me nuts. He is too easy to be stopped when performing a wakeup special.

I hate using the word “spam”. Spam to me implies repeatedly using a move without any thought involved like a robot. We aren’t robots (except for TOOL_ASSISTED), so when you go online, you have to deal with the opponent’s thought process in everything, even the same move repeated 5 or 6 times. The number doesn’t matter because it is a legitimate tactic regardless.

So you’re thinking reliance on a single move the whole fight? When I hear “spam” I always think mindless execution of a limited subset of a person’s moves. Some Shagos incessantly pizza-cutter, rollerskates, divekick and don’t seem to be putting any thought into their actions except “this usually works.”

You catch them spamming when you block rollerskates and punish it. Then he rollerskates again. Then again. Then again. Then you win.

I played a Rash a few weeks ago who liked to jump wrecking ball. As RAAM, I just cHP him out of it, no sweat. He repeated that move every five seconds for the entire first match. I just kept hitting him out of it. Spam.

No not random move but the same moves. All the SHAGO players do is projectile spam and the Air teleport crossup spam. Over and over and over and over and there is nothing you can do. Also now that they have updated the game you can get smacked right back off the ground into more combos that is just senseless. I can’t remember this being apart of KI around early Last Year. After all the updates now you can be juggled off the ground into more combos and the beating goes on and on and on and on. Anyone who thinks SHAGO is not cheap is a SHAGO user themselves. He is the cheapest character I have ever seen.

Roller skate or slidekick with SHAGO is not my issues it’s the Air attacks and non stop projectiles. SHAGO is so fast he can shoot 2 projects one right behind the 1st so you can’t even jump it is ridiculous.

Who’s your main?

Rash I can handle with RIPTOR just fine. I shoot my triple flame project in the air that hit RASH out with no issues. Few annoying RASH players but 75% I destroy the issue is SHAGO and SPINAL and FULGORE. and the new BOSS Characters EYEDOL and GARGOS. Also that Vampire female is so annoying with the web. She is one of most spamming characters also very hard to beat.

RIPTOR i can use a few characters well but RIPTOR my main I use him in rank. His special are so stupid you can hit him out of all his special moves before he even excute them. I am talking about on wakeup it is ridiculous how easy you can hit him out his specials.

I’m a Shago player and I don’t play like that, so clearly not all of us are to blame.

Though if this strategy is so viable maybe I should try it while on my way to killer. :stuck_out_tongue:

I suppose that could be the case too, but to me when I hear the word spam the first thing that comes to mind is excessive use of one tool. An over reliance on this one cheap thing that gets the job done, if you are mixing it up with at least 3-4 moves I don’t think that’s spam. It might be kinda cheap if you’re repeating a pattern but if someone is beating you with a repeating strategy all you need to do is figure it out and stop them.

The pizza cutter was nerfed pretty hard, the slide is incredibly unsafe I think. I suppose spam could be two moves, or a series of moves if they’re all linked in one sequence but being cheap and being spammy are different to me.