Cheap A.I ruins shadow lords

Before I get into ranting,I feel the need to clarify that I am a huge KI fan and love the idea of the Shadow Lords game mode.I feel like if they spent a little more time touching up on some of the problems SL could of been a great game mode,instead of the kinda fun mess it is now. I can look past all the other problems Shadow Lords has but the one thing that ruins the experience for me is the crap A.I.

I know creating A.I for a fighting game is difficult since there’s no way that a A.I can come close to mimicking (get it?) an actual human opponent,but the A.I in SL just doesn’t even try to fight fair. I’ve had Fulgore walk up devastator beam in reaction to my light jab,I’ve also had Omen shadow counter Gargos’s shadow teleport punch. Speaking of Omen what the ■■■■ did they do to him!? I swear they made every move Omen (Boss Version) has +5 ,and the A.I knows this because they will not hesitate to endlessly lock you down and frame trap you. Gargos is even worse then Omen BTW. Did I mention the A.I blatantly cheats? Yep I’ve had Gargos cancel his shadow spear move into a throw tech. It’s almost like they made the A.I cheap on purpose so you would have to buy those ■■■■■■ gold coins to get a decent guardian so you can actually stand a chance. But there’s no way they would make the game less fun to promote micro-transactions,right?

Well I would love to hear what everybody else thinks on this issue because to me Shadow Lords is just a big disappointment,and a clear example of what happens when you put greed before good game design.


It’s confirmed the devs are aware of this and are planning to tweak it a little.

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I thought they were only tweaking Gargos himself.Can you link me to the tweet or the post detailing this?

The A.I isn’t really a problem, until you get to Garbos, with power ups, or without, sheer BS.

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They were only nerfing Gargos from what I heard, though I think all of the AI could use a once over.

Gargos is retarded even on normal with all of his things gone and everyone powered up using 3 wolf hearts. Went through this mode twice with this setup and lost, I think Im done with this mode Astral Plane isnt worth the timesink.


Pretty much.

Thanks for the warning. Just started on normal on my first playthrough. How long until SL Gargos gets adjusted?

I don’t think there’s a set date, the sooner the better.

I think it’s sometime this week (again think)

Would be nice. I am really enjoying playing this mode.

WAO !!!:astonished:

The A.I. is just down right atrocious and should have been tweaked on day 1 at launch. I usually play only on Ultimate Kyle difficulty but the A.I. with it’s ridiculous Input Reading really infuriates me especially on really close matches. If I.G. removes the Input Reading that alone should level the playing field for everything. Input Reading is just a cheap way out to make your game seem more difficult than it really is, Input Reading A.I. should take skill to defeat not exploits

Truly a Shakespearean line,I know. But I think we all know the message I was trying to convey. It’s pretty scummy to make the A.I really cheap and not fun to fight against to boost the sales of their micro-transactions.

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Agreed.What’s weird to me though is that Killer Instincts Shadow Lab mode actually had decent A.I that would act semi realistically and copy a player’s fighting habits. I haven’t played that mode in a while and could be way off,but I don’t ever recall having a problem with the A.I in Shadow Labs.

Surely they could of learned something from that mode?

Shadow Lab.

Oh, you’re onto that in your last post. But yeah, Plenty of people have requested Shadows tech be adapted for use in Shadow Lords, and the rest of the single player modes as well for that matter. Hopefully it happens at some point.

And yeah, I’m finding the AI in Shadow Lords unpleasant after trying it yesterday. I guess I’ll come back at some point, but it sucks that they’ve put all this effort into buffs and whatnot but I can’t enjoy the fights because the AI is so unpleasant to play against.

I wouldn’t put it down to MS or IG trying to extort money out of people, though. I suspect that it’s just easier to get the old AI up and running in this mode. Also, they said multiple times that the design intent is for you to wipe at least once and carry your loot over for a stronger run next time, roguelike-style.

Can we all agree that we want the AI input reading to go away? I know I do. In fact, I find it a puzzling choice to make the AI input read in this game.

The fact that you can have the Shadow copy/clone that learns how to mimic your play style? Not to mention the entirety of the player base that uses this system, and is constantly updating their clones with new information on how they play. That’s a large database with many different skill levels to draw from and use as your AI. It just seams weird to me that with such a system in place, this game resorts to cheap input reading AI opponents. Especially now that Shadow Lords is out. If anything, KI should be leading the way with new ways to use AI technology.


Exactly, The Shadow AI assigned to your Shadow data is incredible. Literally cant beat my own Kan Ra.

And thats probably the biggest issue. The fact of the mater is, You record all this shadow data on what to do and when, and eventually the game will be perfect in almost every situation.

What difficulty are you playing on? Godlike? The AI is meant to be cheap there. If you’re playing on challenging, that is basically very hard AI level, if you’re playing on normal none of this is the case. Guardians do help but no where near as game changing on normal as on Godlike where killer guardians are near mandatory. I am making a full live walkthrough of Shadow Lords. Anyone can do the strategy I will show, beat all omens, and beat Gargos.

Cool. Looking forward to it!