Characters for Tekken 7

I can’t make a multiple like this now.

But anyway, any characters to join in this game?

Jun Kazama is the only character I’m hoping for.

Nina, I’m a bit worried that she hasn’t been announced yet.

Heihachi’s in there and he’s been my favorite since Tekken 2, so I’m happy about that. Also happy that Sergei Dragunov is in there, as he’s one of my top five favorites as well. Always happy to see Paul Phoenix.

Really hoping that Zafina makes it. She’s also high on my list. Raven would be nice to see again as well. Same goes for Lei Wulong.

I’m expecting one of the Williams sisters (Nina or Anna), perhaps a Chang (Michelle or Julia), and definitely one or both of Eddy Gordo/Christie Montiero.

I really hope that they decide to keep a lot of the “doubles” out of this game though. Like if we get Nina, we don’t need Anna. We have Yoshimitsu, so no real need for Kunimitsu. Same goes for Marshall Law/Forrest Law, Baek/Hwaorang etc.

I get that some of those characters have stories / rivalries, but there are so many characters in Tekken now that are completely unique. I’d rather see them as opposed to Armor King or someone along those lines, who tend to share a decent amount of another character’s move list.

I actually had a chance to play the game myself, and I have to say. Josie is officially my favorite Tekken character thus far.

I don’t really care who else they put in, but they HAVE to bring back some more characters. Where is Nina? Where is Lei? Where is one of the Capos? We need those characters at least.

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