Character Tutorial Streams! *Almost ready!*

Hey there! You can call me Shingles.

This post takes its time, and doesn’t get to the point. Sorry.
My full name would be YouuGotShingles. Weird huh?
I’m fairly new here (to the forums) and am looking to help people in the community.
Through the few years Killer Instinct has been out, I have helped where I could.
I can specifically remember myself teaching many players, old and new to the game, how to play a variety of characters, their in depth combos and mix ups, and how to capitalize and punish.

Recently i found myself yearning to teach others how to play this wonderful game.
I’ve been taking notes, doing my research and have been grinding away once again to learn all the characters.
I have many characters level 50 or very close to level 50. I consider myself to be a rather experienced player and can play most characters with ease and at a very high skill level.
I’m here today asking if any players in the community find themselves struggling with learning characters.

With either not having the time, not wanting to put in the time, feels too difficult, lack of skill/experience etc.
Would you enjoy having an in depth tutorial series for each individual character. This series would be 2 videos per character, one basic and about the fundamentals, while the other is a radical tech and strategy guide and can make even the best players improve.
Thanks for your time!
(yeah i know this is a mess, i typed it up in mere minutes)

  • No, I do not find this to be helpful or needed.
  • Yes,I would enjoy having an in depth series!

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Dibs, make Orchid please ;___;

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Forget about Orchid, if she hasnt flushed out Ultratech by now, its not going to happen :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: So how about some Mira pointers :sunglasses:

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If your heart’s into it, I say go for it!

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Already writing notes on how to present everything. She’s done! Just need to know if I have a community backing me.

I’m still learning Mira as of right now. She’s god damn fun!

She’s my most levelled character (still only 44), but I like her mobility, and keeping an eye on her health makes me sharp…

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You are my hero! Thank you very much, I am learning Orchid for almost two weeks now and I am still terrible with her :confused:

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Do you play any other characters besides orchid?

I main Tusk, Gargos and Cinder. Tusk and Gargos were no problem for me, with Cinder I struggled but figured him out. I wanted to learn someone from S1, and I picked Orchid.

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For a project like this, you don’t have to ask (Imo, atleast)


Of course it wil ltake more time than anyone could possibly expect.
But i believe i could make a quality community based tutorial system for everyone to enjoy. Its ambitious and exciting to think of what it could become.

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This would be great I think. Go for it and keep us posted!


Thanks for the support!

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Update Time!


After much notetaking, reading “Tech Thread x, Tech Thread y”, playing the games new shadow lords mode a bit, and learning the characters I used to despise, (Gerneral Raam, Mira, Rash, TJ) I can finally say a few more things about the project.

To broaden the possibilities, I have decided to consider Streaming. This opens up a lot of opportunities such as live feedback and requests. I also see streams as a great way to pull everyone together.
It wont be a Maximilian stream, but it will impress. :smirk:

Back to your Regularly Scheduled Program

First off I would like to state that each video would have its own script. I would practice and memorize the script as much as possible, and have a list of what i need to explain in each video and slowly take my time explaining everything before I move onto the next. After i have my gameplay I may record my audio separately. ( I think i’m just gonna record it separately)
Next, I’ll Take many hours to sit and edit, (I will not release content that is not high quality.) and make sure its of high quality. I have a rather high quality microphone and recording software along with some awesome editing software. I can assure it will be high quality. (Even have people who will review my content to ensure it is.)
I would Rather drop the project all together than release content that is bad
Thought I should just state that real quick.
To end this, I would post my videos on a fresh YouTube channel dedicated to KI content.

I hope this is well received.

If you have any ideas to contribute, constructively criticize, etc. PLEASE, fell free to add them here.
Wanna help?
Contact me Through the Forums, or on Xbox!
Gamertag: YouuGotShingles

Thank you for your time.

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I added you as an XBL friend, just 'cause… :sweat_smile:

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Me too, got to support the people with initiative :grin:

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Thank you!

Wanna have a Spinal mirror set sometime?