Character Suggestion: A Reaper

Obviously it doesn’t have to be actual “Death”, but a grim reaper soldier could be kinda cool in KI and as far as I can recall, there’s no character that uses anything they’d use except for Spinal being all boney and such, and a reaper doesn’t have to have that feature. They don’t need a mask like Omen either. They can partially obscured (see below):

Or they can be entirely faceless:

Of course, they can have the sickle cane as a weapon. But the character could also use stuff like an hour glass (ignore the bones lol).

Or a lantern on a chain:

Other possible items could include a crystal ball, tarot cards, etc.

I could see this character having dark sorcery / necromancy based specials and could perhaps be a rival to Kan Ra, who’s been skirting death for quite a while now.

Since I threw out the suggestion, I’ll come up with something on the fly here:

Name: Nocturne (or perhaps Nostrum)
Height: 6’2"
Weight: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Threat Level: Extreme
Last Known Location: Unknown

Style: Rushdown, Dynamic Power Up
Most Similar To: Kan Ra, Shun Di from Virtua Fighter, Xavier from Eternal Champions

Strengths: Unpredictable at close range, with the ability to bring opponents in from sweep range. Good anti air game. With lantern charge, he gains a ton of options at all ranges plus the ability to close the gap as well as mess with opponents controls. Most enders in the game by far when lantern is charged. One of the best and most flawless characters in the game with lantern charge.

Weakness: Terrible mobility. Walk speed, forward and back dash are all lower end, slow, floaty jump that covers the least amount of distance of any character. Stubby normals. Rekka does not hit overhead, so blocking low defends all three options. Not much of an offensive air game to speak of. One of the weakest and most flawed characters in the game without lantern charge.

Unique trait: Lantern meter. A lantern shaped outline located above shadow meter. Once it’s fully charged with light (takes four charges), it automatically activates as if you popped instinct and drains all the way down.

Dash: Uses sickle cane to vault him closer to opponent, like a quick step, but below-average speed and covers a short distance.
Back Dask: Does the same in reverse, but much slower and covers half as much distance.

Command Attacks

Uprising: Dash + HP: Extends his sickle cane along the ground to mid-range off of dash. Low poke. His longest range move without Lantern by far.

Spiral Blade: Toward + HP while jumping forward in air: Fast forward summersaults with sickle cane extended out so that he looks like a saw blade.
Ascending: Travels about 2/3rds the distance of Cinder’s light trailblazer, used primarily as an anti-air.
Peak: Spins in place. Knocks opponent back.
Descending: Travels about 2/3rds as far as Sabrewulf’s diving slash.
NOTE: You can only use one of these while airborn. None of them recapture.

Lantern Charge: LP-MP-HP: Says “Primum” (soon) as he holds out his lantern and the light flicks on before he puts it away. Charges 25% of his lantern meter. Can be used when lantern is draining to extend lantern time.

Throw: LP+LK: Holds opponents chest while chanting “Primum” (soon) while white lightning flickers between the two characters. He releases his hand and bats them away with his sickle cane. Charges 25% of lantern meter.

Specials Moves (With or Without Lantern):

Welcoming: Back-Toward LP, MP, HP or throw: Extends arm and sickle cane extends from his arm and out to an opponent located at sweep range.
LP Version: Strikes opponent, causing stagger.
MP Version: Strikes opponent, then spins and strikes them again, causing opponent to spin and fall to the ground. Hard knockdown.
HP Version: Pulls opponent to close range using sickle cane. Opener.
LP+LK (throw) Version: Holds opponent at sweep range with sickle cane while he holds the lantern out and says “Primum” (soon). Charges 25% of lantern meter and does no damage.

Spinning Slice: Down-Toward LP, MP or HP: A rekka where he spins and slices with his spinning sickle cane on a close range opponent up to three times:
LP Version: Spins and slices low. Opener on third hit.
MP Version: Spins and strikes mid. Opener on third hit.
HP Version: Spins and strikes high. Opener on third hit.

Time’s Up: Down-Up + LP, MP, HP: Takes out an hour glass and places it on the ground. It glows white and then explodes. If it explodes behind an unblocking opponent, they’re pushed toward you. If it explodes when they’re on top of it, they’re popped up in to the air, if it explodes in front of them, they’re staggered. If it explodes while opponent is in air, it causes recapture.
LP Version: Glows white after two seconds and explodes after three.
MP Version: Glows white after four seconds and explodes after five.
HP Version: Glows white after six seconds and explodes after seven.
LP+LK Version: If it’s underneath him, he’ll step on it, causing it to explode, sending him up in to the air with slight damage, but he gains 25% lantern meter.
NOTE: Hour glass can be hit with low attacks by both you and your opponent to bat it toward them or away from them. Explosion only hurts opponent unless you step on it.
NOTE: An exploding hour glass blocks one incoming projectile.

Gasping: Down-Back LP, MP or HP: Holds lantern to his mouth and takes a deep breath before blowing in to it:
All Versions: Blows a white flame out to mid range. If it hits an unblocking opponent, he disappears and reappears in front of them. Opener.

Full Lantern Moves:

Command Attacks

Descending Flame: Toward + HK in air: Same as regular descending spiral blade, but he’s got an aura of light around him and he does more damage. Can recapture a mid-air opponent.

Full Uprising: Dash + HK: Same as regular, only he extends his lantern on the chain instead, which knocks the legs out from under the unblocking opponent and shoots white fire balls to knock them in to the air and closer to you.

Teleport: Down, Down: Folds his clock and disappears, reappearing in close range behind the opponent.

Special Moves:

Fire Ward: Down-Toward LK, MK, HK: Holds the lantern to his mouth and blows a white fire ball.
LK Version: One fireball, small and very slow.
MK Version: Two fireballs, larger medium speed.
HK Version: Three fireballs, large and very fast.

Undertow: Back-Toward LK, MK or HK: Swings the lantern on his chain while spinning once toward opponent.
LK Version: Covers to sweep range. Opener.
MK Version: Covers to mid range. Opener.
HK Version: Covers to long range. Opener.

Gasping: Down-Back LK, MK or HK: Holds lantern to his mouth and takes a deep breath before blowing in to it:
LK Version: Blows a green mist out to mid range that locks your own health bar in place for five seconds.
MK Version: Blows a red mist mist out to mid range that locks opponent’s attack buttons for five seconds.
HK Version: Blows a blue mist out to mid range that locks every direction but block for the opponent for five seconds.

Sickle Throw: Toward, Down, Down/Toward + LK, MK or HK
LK Version: Throws his sickle, lit in white flame, a short distance, which spins and arcs up and back to him like a boomerang. If it strikes the opponent, he disappears and reappears while uppercutting opponent.
MK Version: Throws his sickle, lit in white flame, a medium distance, which spins and arcs up and back to him like a boomerang. If it strikes the opponent, he disappears and reappears while uppercutting opponent.
HK Version: Throws his sickle, lit in white flame, a long distance, which spins and arcs up and back to him like a boomerang. If it strikes the opponent, he disappears and reappears while uppercutting opponent.

Shadow Moves:

Without Lantern:
Spinning Slice: Multiple spinning slices with the spinning sickle cane.
Gasping: Extended, more damaging white fire breath.

With Lantern:
Undertow: Multiple spinning lantern shots.
Sickle Throw: Sickle remains out and spinning for a longer duration and if it strikes the opponent, it’s an uppercut that hits more and harder.


Without Lantern: HP Welcoming, LP-MP-FP Spinning Slice (on third hit), Recpature Time’s Up, LP-MP-FP Gasping
With Lantern: All of the above as well as Descending Flame, LK-MK-FK Undertow


Without Lantern: LP-MP Spinning Slice, LP-MP Gasping
With Lantern: LP-MP Undertow


Without Lantern:
HP Welcoming: Swings opponent around and throws them toward the nearest wall: Wallsplat ender.
LK+HK Welcoming: Same as normal LK+HK welcoming.
HP Spinning Slice: Strikes multiple times with spinning sickle cane then disappears and reappears on the other side of the opponent for one last downward strike. Exchange/Hard Knockdown ender.
HP Gasping: Breathes a long breath of white fire on the opponent and knocks them away for five seconds. Battery ender.

With Lantern:
HK Fire Ward: Blows three white fireballs at you from the lantern and one black one that reverses their buttons for five seconds. Confusion ender.
HK Undertow: Instead of spinning the chain in a horizontal motion, he swings it in a reverse vertical motion, knocking the opponent up in to the air. Launcher Ender.
HK Sickle throw: Uppecuts opponent with his sickle. Damage ender.

Instinct: Same effect as the full lantern, but not as long as a normal instinct bar (which is 15 seconds). So if lantern gave you 7 seconds, the instinct meter would give you another 12 seconds. However, if you pop instinct while lantern is active:

Doomsday: LK-MK-FK: A slow moving command grab that looks the same as HP Welcoming at the start, but then he holds the opponent up in to the air as tons of white lightning rains in from all angles, shooting in to both you and the opponent as the screen goes dark. It drains the opponent of half of their health regardless of how much health they have, but it refills your entire health bar regardless of how low it is. Immediately drains both instinct and lantern meters upon use.

Anyways, probably way too much going on with this character, but I figured I’d throw a bunch of ideas in there and see if any were good. Thought it’d be cool to have a character whose instinct mode was something that was really more a part of their move set, and you were always working to get to that part of the move set because they’re weaker without it, except for at close range, where they’re good. Not sure if I accomplished that. Not sure if any of this is even remotely good lol. I mainly just want a reaper type of character in KI. I think that could be pretty cool. :slight_smile:


I love this idea. One of my favorite characters is death from darksiders 2. Would probably be a good likeness of him that would be fitting for KI.

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i would rather a wendigo with dark sorcery

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i think a Tessen Wielding Guardian Character would be a good idea

I want a wendigo too, but does that trope normally wield dark sorcery?

I mean, it’s Wikipedia, so take it with a grain of salt, but dark sorcery doesn’t really fit the M.O. From what I can tell:

“In Algonquian folklore, the wendigo or windigo[note 1] is a cannibal monster or evil spirit native to the northern forests of the Atlantic Coast and Great Lakes Region of both the United States and Canada.[4] The wendigo may appear as a monster with some characteristics of a human, or as a spirit who has possessed a human being and made them become monstrous. It is historically associated with cannibalism, murder, insatiable greed, and the cultural taboos against such behaviours.[5] The legend lends its name to the disputed modern medical term Wendigo psychosis, which is considered by psychiatrists to be a form of culture-bound syndrome with symptoms such as an intense craving for human flesh and a fear of becoming a cannibal.[6] In some Indigenous communities, environmental destruction and insatiable greed are also seen as a manifestation of Wendigo Psychosis.[7]”

Do you have a different definition?

Don’t get me wrong, IG threw a wendigo out there as a suggestion, which at least tells me that they might have some ideas. I’m game.

I’d like to see a Wendigo that’s a possessed human that’s battling against this beast-like nature in match, which I think could be a cool contrast to Sabrewulf.

Anyways, assuming you could have a wendigo, would a reaper type sound interesting too?

Yeah, that’s cool, and I could see that working in KI too, but independent of that, would an idea of a reaper type sound good as well?

Give it some skulls and I’m in.

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What if, during regular gameplay his face is always hidden, but once in instinct mode, his eyes and lantern start to glow.


Instinct Activated

I really like the idea with having this dude be a reaper, but preferably just as a phantom in a cloak rather than the skeleton version we’re all familiar with. (Seeing how we already have Spinal and all)


Or insert darksiders 2 reaper form here.


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Been there, done that. I’m sure if IG/MS does a Reaper character, they’d have something original in the normal design and leave cliches to the accessories.

Thinking on it a bit more: I’d like to see a move similar to Zasalamel’s Back+A+B in Soul Calibur 3. If you’re unfamiliar with this move, it’s the grab from the air shown here:

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Yeah that’s what I was thinking too. I think that’d be perfect!

Well yeah I didn’t mean they had to be just a black cloak and a sickle cane. DH put their own spin on a werewolf, a skeleton warrior, etc. IG made a mummy that’s not just a dude completely wrapped in bandages. Same goes for other characters like Hisako, ARIA, and others.

I posted the pictures more to show what a character could look like with a partially obscured face or no face at all, so that it wasn’t just “Spinal with a grim reaper accessory set” as well as what kind of weapons they could have that would fit the trope that’s not just a sickle cane.

While I’d love to have a retro built more around the traditional “reaper” look, I’d obviously love to see MS/IG put a unique spin on it to make this specifically a KI character, just as they’ve done with all of the other tropes.

Man, give me a little credit here lol. :slight_smile:

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Credits are no good here. Only money. ~Watto

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Tutt tutt, Watto. -Darth Vader

I dunno, that response doesn’t fit what you said at all, but it’s the first thing that popped in to my mind, followed shortly after by “that podracing game on Dreamcast was underrated.” But now I’m just getting off topic. :slight_smile:

I read an idea here awhile back and it said something along the the lines of: if IG were to make a Reaper character, it should be (story wise) a computer virus that has taken physical form.

not a single grain for you my friend. Look at Mira. She’s a vampire with a black blood. Also she’s called which on shadow lords. Canonical definition doesnt apply for KI.

Even Glacius is an alien who seems to be made of ice but he’s no ice alien at all.

That’s true. I suppose you could add that idea on to the character to make them unique, or uniquely KI. I just thought that dark sorcery would fit more with what I was talking about, but if you prefer it for a wendigo character, then that’s cool.

I love the idea of the grim reaper/death! I always thought he was an awesome trope, and I love your idea. I am in full support of this idea.

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check out Thanatos from Eternal Champions CD!


That’s awesome! I’ll admit my knowledge of EC on Sega CD is limited, but I definitely liked what I saw, especially that cool DP. Kinda seemed like they borrowed some assets from Xavier for him, but it’s not like that was uncommon back then. Either way, that’s a cool design!

Also reminds me how much I miss Eternal Champions. :slight_smile:

Wonder what his intro before matches could be…

Intro: (Sythe begins spinning clockwise, until he fades onto the battlefield. Then slamming the end of his weapon on the ground.)

“The lantern calls for your soul…”

Outro: (The lantern is seen absorbing the loser’s essence, and as he stares at the trapped soul in the lantern, he says…)

“Rot in the underworld.”

Then maybe angel wings splay out from his back during the victory screen.

Also, if this character did ever come to fruition, we NEED a Greg costume for this dude.
(Minus the bones)