Character Suggestion - A martial artist/ninja like character that utilises futuristic weapons

Well season three being out for a while now, I’ve realised that for some reason I’ve steered clear from guest characters. I mean I definitely would love if they brung out a season of completely original characters. One specific idea is a character that is like a ninja fight style but has futuristic armor and weapons. maybe perhaps a laser katana, projectile could be a really fast moving but low damage kunai throw (maybe causes a second or two of bleed damage) He should have decent mobility but nothing crazy. An interesting idea as well for the character not in terms of gameplay but in terms of design and story would be perhaps he could be blind and has learnt to fight without his vision and still is as powerful as all the other fighters, just an idea though.


My suggestions:


That’s exactly the kind of image I had in my head. Leaning more towards the top one, I think his face should be visible, or at least partially

Yeah I think KI could really use a Ninja style character as well.

I like that middle image you posted Incubus! Or even something similar to Hakumen from BB


Yeah that also looks very good. This is just a tiny detail but you know cinders backwards evade, the character could have a forward and backwards evade like that. it suits the ninja style

Jago is a monk. So why not a real ninja for a change?

How about a kusarigama added for weaponry?

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actually yes! a kusarigama would also be very cool. I’m just trying to think of what his move would look lke

No love for Strider Hiryu? I am disappoint.

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Nah, looks too much like Jago, imo.

Yeah I agree with @anon39655210 as It needs to be like a full on ninja style character, looks too similar to jago

What about someone Ryu Hayabusa-esque then?


yeah that is the kinda thing. I’m just wondering how a character like that would play like what kind of moves would he have


One of the names of Jago’s moves is Laser Sword lol

True, but it’s not an actual laser sword anymore. Just only the name stands.

Any one got any other cool ideas for original characters? Perhaps you may have some ideas @DiagonalSpy07?

Hmmm… I have been wondering how a time lord character could play in the game. Don’t know a moveset off the top of my head yet (let alone how to balance it).

Yeah that would be interesting never really thought of that. If it could be intergrated in a way that was balanced I’d love to see something like that in the KI roster

I like the guy in overwatch a lot

I would prefer if his weapon wasn’t a sword. Too many sword-characters in KI already. A kusarigama sounds awesome though, one of my fave ninja weapons!