Character Specific Intros/Outros!

I remember back in Season 2 Forums, there was a post regarding Character Specific intros/outros for Rivals or something. Like for Example, like how in MKX, Each Character has something different they say depending on the opponent. While Dialogue for each character would prove time consuming, what about Characters that actually have some tension between them? Like The Most Used example would be Jago & Omen. Jago would have a different Intro/Outro after fighting Omen, due to his rivalry and such. (Plus, Omen did Jack Jago’s body for a bit. I mean, I’d be hella mad if someone jacked my body then became it’s own lifeform). It could even be related & Merged into the Season 3 story, if needed. Would anyone like this idea? I personally love to see Cinder make a snide remark to Glacius about being Ice or something, only for Glacius to respond with clicks and Screeches. LOL

EDIT: There is another thread I have missed, that talks about this. Click Here for Dialogue! It is an older one, but still the same. Feel free to still use this one if you’d like! :smile:

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Yeah I herd about that to. I don’t think I ever had time to get around those. If they ever noticed it anyway

They might have. I remember one of the devs at least acknowledging it.

If Cinder is first and fights glacius

Cinder:Ohhh? You again. Prepare to get melted.
Glacius: Get’s angry and sees Cinder as a disgrace of the DNA(don’t know how to express this. Maybe say it in alien with Subs? “You monster. What has this planet done”)

If Cinder is second and fights glacius

Glacius: In alien"I will fix the monstrosity this planet created"
Cinder: Monstrosity? You sure are cold.

Jago vs Omen

If Jago is first

Jago:In the name of the Tiger,you will pay.
Omen:I am the Herald of your so called"Tiger Spirit". What chance do you have.
(Potential third line from Jago) Jago: He may have fooled me but the tiger spirtit is more. You will fall.

If Omen is first,

Omen:Submit and you might have a chance of being another herald.
Jago:Not while I live. YOU WILL FALL

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How Cinder can understand alien language???

Well he does have DNA from Glacius.

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This has cheesy written all over it.


That is the point.

He can probably sense it in his DNA or some ■■■■… video game logic.

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There should be some variation.

To my mind, the issue with this has always been that a goodly chunk of the cast either doesn’t speak, speaks a different language (which the other character would have no plausible means of understanding), or communicates largely in guttural yelps, barks, groans, etc.

What would TJ have to say to an onryo that speaks only Japanese? What would Riptor have to say to Aganos? There’s just too many fights where the interaction simply doesn’t make enough sense to get any value from this.

This is Killer Instinct. And this is Cinder.

I don’t see these things happening, though. It’s unnecessary, takes a lot of time they could be spending on what’s really important.

lets face it folks, KI is not an AAA fighter. Perhaps someday but for while no.

Spinal: YAHAHAHAHA! be a good puppy and handle the mask to uncle Spìnal!
Sabrewulf: Much laugh. Very scary. Such shield. Wow.

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I lol’d. Thank you for that. :smile:

But yeah, I like the idea of a rival version of the intro for characters, but I don’t know if I’d want it to be too involved, as there’s a fairly decent chance that it might come off a bit hokey.

well dna doesn’t really mean you’ll understand it. since language is something people are raised to learn, not born with. But that’s a debate for later. I think Glacius’ body language will better describe how he feels about Cinder.

Keep in mind this is a game where putting an ice alien’s dna into a human makes him a guy that is hot plasma.

oh believe me I’m aware of that. but being born with something is way different than learning something as ya grow up. That’s pretty basic.

Meh. Maybe Glacius learned English from his time being here?

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While I acknowledge half the cast doesn’t speak, and some have languages that the other characters wouldn’t know, It does NOT mean they can’t acknowledge each other. It could be a certain movement, or a facial expression that shows that they have some history with each other, or have “beef” with each other. Some people think that this has to be for ALL the characters, and that it would waste time, but It doesn’t have to be for all of them. I feel I should have been a bit more clear. I do NOT want different dialogue for all of them, A la MKX. That, would be a waste of time. I am merely stating a different Intro and/OR Outro that could be applied with certian characters.

I feel like in order for this to work, it has to be related to the story. So TJ and Fulgore would be one. While Fulgore doesn’t necessarily talk, just a certain movement or body language can state a lot.

I understand. It could be just a side project they could work on, or not even at all if it’s not worthy. I respect your opinion. However, while it’s still up in the air, we shall talk! :grinning:

It might be sooner than you think. If IG is putting the release of KI Season 3 close to Street Fighter 5, they might have something up their sleeve that we don’t know about. :smile:

It depends if it’s related to each other and makes sense. Not just:

Fulgore: Bzzzzt! Grrrrzzt!

Riptor: Snarl! Chomp Hiss!

I actually think this would be the best thing for the characters that don’t talk, or are not able to.

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