Character select screen - Custom & Costume slots

I’ve been having this little nitpick for the character select screen ever since I started playing KI, so perhaps I’m long overdue, but here it is:

  • When you select a character, you’re given the option to choose between 4 sets of alternate costumes, in this order:

1- Default custom
2- Default costume
3- Retro custom
4- Retro costume

Since the “costume” slot seems to mainly exist to spare custom slots, appearing separately, but because presentation is everything, I always thought that the first image of the character to appear on-screen should be that of his/her “costume” and not one of their “customs”.
If merging the “Default” and “Retro” categories into 1 instead of having 2 for each (and therefore a total of 2 instead of the current 4) proves to be inadequate or causes the sacrifice of 1 slot (if 6 is the maximum number of slots possible), then how about changing the order, so that it would appear like this:

1- Default costume
2- Default custom
3- Retro costume
4- Retro custom

Again, it’s a nitpick, but one that I think would make a great difference, presentation-wise.


Did you saw this?


YES! I agree 100%. Honestly, I never really even noticed this before, or maybe I did and forgot about it. But I was actually using their default outfits as my first custom, but only changing one thing like Glacius’ knees or Jago’s sword or whatever, because I like seeing their original look when I select them. It seems odd that they default to Custom 1 as the first thing you see when you select a character.

I’d really like it if they reversed them to 1. Default, 2. Custom, 3. Retro default and 4. Retro custom as you suggest. Good call, man!


No I hadn’t. But it’s a great idea!

Dude! That’s the EXACT same thing I used to do! I alwaysw left the first custom slot blank so that the first image of the character to appear would be his/her original appearance.
However, this new UI doesn’t let you choose that blank slot anymore! If you use a slot for all the default accessories, that slot becomes null and you won’t even be able to select it! Thus forcing you to go back and choose the “costume” slot instead.
Rather bothersome…


Yeah, as soon as I noticed that they did this with season 3, I went and did a minor change for every character. It’s a waste of a custom slot, I know, but I want to see how a character looks originally when I select them, not how they look with their first set of accessories. I thought that was just me, but I guess not!

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Nope, you’re not alone, buddy!

I agree.

I always see the default costume when I select the character.

I just want them to let us lock color to custom slots. You can see them all in collection, but can’t save them like you can accessories. People have asked for this forever, and it’s never come.

That is also a good idea. Strange they haven’t done anything about it yet.

I agree with this thread, it should be possible to mash B into the match quicker, instead of having to parse through costumes

Or at least change the wording please. My friends seem to always get confused on what they’re choosing since costume and custom look so similar when you’re looking very quickly.

I agree with OP’s suggestion. The current order bugs me.

I agree!!!

The KI Community has spoken, Iron Galaxy! Please consider our propositions.

I don’t have a problem. Visually you can see what’s going on !