Character select animations finalized?

Ok, so, having characters walk up with a unique animation when selected is an awesome idea. However, just from what was seen on stream, some characters’ “step-up animations” are extremely dull. Fulgore, Glacius, and TJ looked great, but characters like Jago, Sabrewolf, and Riptor just seemed to slide forward and do an animation we’ve already seen. They didn’t even face the camera like the first three characters I mentioned did. Is it just that some of them aren’t done yet?

EDIT: This was an observation. That’s all. I noticed a big difference between some of the characters. A difference that could have meant that not all of the new animations hadn’t been implemented yet. So I came here and asked about it. If that’s not the case, fine, no problem.

Lol always one

I think they are fine. Jago kinda spun and slid in anyways, so not a big de. Don’t worry. They are still a work in progress.

Agreed Fulgore’s looks amazing. Some of the others just look like they jump on board a stage. Funny enough, that intro for Fullgore just made my mind up and now am going to main him until I get level 50 with him.

None of them are bad, but the gap between say, Fulgore’s and Jago’s is pretty significant. It would be weird for them to say "A handful of characters are going to get really thorough ones, and everyone else gets a bare minimum.

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The thing is out in like two weeks, pretty sure these are final.

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I’ve seen only Fulgore and it looked good. Did they really half-аss other fighters?

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Not really. They look good, but everything is a WIP until launch. But yeah, Season 3 is looking very cool!

Technically yes, but their release built has probably been locked in for a while, so they probably aren’t. And I’d imagine those would be pretty low on the priority list, considering that people complained about some TJ’s and Maya’s animations and they still haven’t been improved IIRC.

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True. All we have to do is just wait and see what IG can do in two weeks.

Im so DONE with all of these threads like this.

I give up.

Im just going to continue to be a happy KI fan and enjoy myself.

From now on, my ONLY interaction with threads like these will be to “like” every comment that is AGAINST it, and then leave a comment that says “I think everything just fine”.


Why would you assume anything is final?

Man people around here make me laugh so hard.

“Man IG really needs to show us stuff. This silence sucks.”

IG: “ok here you go. This is what we are working on.”

“omfg it that final?! I’m so worried!”


@Thrustbucket This is why we can’t have nice things

some arent bad, others look kinda odd. hope we see some minor tweaks over time

I don’t know if they are final or not. Since the game gets updated on a pretty frequent basis it wouldn’t surprise me if these changed over time.

Having said that, there are now 20+ characters in the game. Some of them are going to have cooler intros than others, no matter what they do. There will always be a “worst one” no matter how cool they are overall. So, let’s just keep that in mind.


You should never try to hide a product so its safe from criticism. That’s what I interpret your comment as. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

I really like the new intros on the character select screen, kinda wish they’d changed the animations on the Vs screen too but not really necessary. Sure, some of them are better than the others, but I can live with that.

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I missed the stream, anyone have video of it?

go on over to the official KI Twitch. its in the archives, there’s like 4 parts because it kept getting cut off or something. Watch from the earliest one, they show Rash and Kim Wu’s accessories.

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Thanks man!

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