Character select animations finalized?

Anyone have a youtube link? Twitch archives aren’t really that accessible with screen readers and I want to see the rest of the animations other than Fulgores.

they don’t have it up yet on the KI Youtube channel, but it should be there in a few more hours.

This close to launch, nearly everything we saw is “final” at least for the launch build.

Almost all game developers hide work in progress stuff. For a reason. And that reason is bearing out well in this thread.

Try to imagine you are painting a picture and people keep coming into the room, looking over your shoulder, saying things like “oh I really hope that color for the eyes is final.” or “Oh man, the hair looks good, but I really hope the lighting you are using over here is not final.”

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I think they tried a little too hard to keep the same character select idle animation we used to have so some walk-in animations look a little off. A few of them do look like they just slide in awkwardly.

I would have preferred if they changed the animation a little for the characters that were hard t animate for, but overall the new character select animations still look really nice.

Oh I feel you. I just hope the devs weren’t pressured into showing something that wasn’t ready.

This one they showed wasn’t the final build they said it in the stream that they are still tweaking things. You guys have to understand this isn’t they days of cartridges if something doesn’t sit well with consumers the developers have the technology to change it with a patch

No I feel you.

I wish I could see this stuff in a video.