Character relationships


I thought about a couple of characters, but orchid comes to my mind first as she is 32 now and no hints on a possible relationship she may have had or is currently having with some other character at all? I was always thinking TJ but anyone else got any ideas?


TJ and Orchid look one of the most compatible relationships so yeah I agree with that. I also think they suit each other especially as Jago is her brother.


Yeah Orchid and TJ would work if we had to pick one, but I don’t see Orchid being the type of character to need a relationship at all. Maybe once Ultratech is destroyed I could see her potentially settling down, but until then I doubt being in a relationship is even on her radar tbh


Orchid and T.J to me have more of a Guile and Chun-li relationship

nothing romantic just work related and the occasional banter


Orchid and Maya cuz WHY NOT?? :smiley: right? No? ok imma go over there now LOL


I was in the belief that Orchid and TJ had something going on behind cameras since the original KI game. I mean not serious stuff, but you know, a chemistry.


I have always really really see TJ and Orchid ship as a couple in story! They both have the same goal in mind yet different reasons, that doesn’t stop them at the end of the day fighting for good as they know how wack U.T. is. We know at the end of the day if Orchid chose Tj for help because she could see he saw how bad U.T. was and how he was all about fight the good and he wouldn’t have accepted Orchids offer if he was morally committed. In this case I see alot of variables demo-starting why these opposites attract. Now in the old game its confirmed that Maya and Tusk were together. Killer Instinct story would be a lot better if these to were together! Just saying the chemistry s there.


I don’t think we need romance for a good story. Then again, I am a soulless douche.

As far as Orchid and TJ go, I think chemistry is the right word. I think, at least based off of TJ’s story and Maya’s pulling them together as the Night Guard 2.0, that Orchid and TJ end up having a lot of respect for each other but are both too involved with their saving the world duties and personal goals (Orchid’s finishing off Ultratech and TJ rebuilding his life and image so as to leave a positive impact with his legacy). They could probably be an item down the road, after all the madness.


Psh, come back. I’m pretty sure video game lesbianism ranks pretty low on the “opinions that should make you a pariah” scale, especially since Season 3’s release has brought the juvenile Jimmies and negative Nellies out in full swing.


Meh… I prefer Maya and Tusk! Because Tusk marry her in ending from KI/GOLD! To be honestly, when I watching Tusk’s ending make me want to see Tusk crush on Maya in new KI! : D

I think you should draw Tusk and Maya together!

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I agree, Tusk & Maya would be a couple if there was going to be one. However I kinda wonder how it would work in this KI, what with Tusk being immortal and all. My guess is he would have some major issues…like either he wouldn’t get too invested because he knows she’s just going to die off like everybody else, or he’d possibly be the kind that wouldn’t be able to shut up about his previous 47 wives.

Oh, and then there was #33 (i just started numbering them by then)…she was a bit of a fatty, but man could she cook a mean hagas…
…why so distant 52?


Mira and Aganos, Hisako and Arbiter


Cinder x Glacius lol

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Hisako and Spinal. She’s probaly into thin dudes :slight_smile:


Cute art yo. Makes me wish they interacted some more besides “We both hate Ultratech”

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Kim and Jago… I’ll still say she is like 23 so his 30 isn’t too bad :disappointed:

That could’ve totally been a thing.


That’s not too bad on age. My grandparents were 14 years apart when they got married (him 29, her 15), but then again that was in the early 20th century, when it wasn’t frowned on as badly.
I dunno, do eastern cultures care so much about age differences?
Whatever I know most people anymore would be like,“if they truely love each other nothing else matters blah blah blah mushy junk”.


Cinder X Taco is ship it like Fed ex.


Everyone knows that Sadira has literally JUMPED into the sack with everyone… I mean EVERYONE. She is such a ■■■■. :stuck_out_tongue:


Kim and Jago… I’ll still say she is like 23 so his 30 isn’t too bad

That could’ve totally been a thing.


if it makes it better a famous pair by the name of Jay-Z and Beyonce are one of the couples with the age gap as an example. They starting dating when she was around 19-20 years of age while he was about 31-32 at the time :slight_smile: