Character Outfits w/ Accessories Request Thread


  • Character

  • Outfit Look

  • Outfit Accessories (only 3 allowed - per game format)
    1.) First Accessory
    2.) Second Accessory
    3.) Third Accessory

  • Colors

Since many of us are looking for more outfits in the game, why don’t we try to centralize a forum for what we want a character to look like for said outfit and their accessories? Helps centralize what we’re looking for and hopefully inspire Microsoft and Iron Galaxy to put some time into this as well.


Retro gargos, I would love to see him get an accessory set where he has small spikey horns on his head and around his torso to resemble omen/shagos instinct pic as well as his wings being more tattered up almost like his default costume.

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I’ve got a few ideas… But I’ll start with the big one.

Character: Tusk

Outfit Look: Traditional Tusk.

An outfit focused on European “barbaric” cultures throughout history. Default is the classical William Wallace getup with a kilt/tartan sash combo, leather armor, and some cool warpaint. Sword imitates a Scottish claymore in style, though is obviously much bulkier due to the hitbox. Head largely the same as default, but with longer hair.

Accessory 1: Raider (Viking). A thick fur cloak and chainmail shirt, traditional Viking helm, and a sword similar/identical to the default.

(Look ma! It’s me! :stuck_out_tongue: )

Accessory 2: Wildman (Primitive). Completely covered in pelts with a claw necklace, sabre-toothed cat for a hat, and a rock-hewn blade like the Fume UGS from Dark Souls 2.

Premium Accessory: Kvlt (Black Metal). Spiked leather gauntlets and a mjonir pendant, corpse paint for the face, and a dark blade with a skull for a hilt.

-Color 1: Earthy tones similar to his Color9 default, blue face paint
-Color 2: Reds and blacks, red paint
-Color 3: Darker browns and blacks
-Color 4: White
-Color 5: Blue
-Color 6: Black and white with blood splatter

  • Character: Shadow Jago

  • Outfit Look: Cyborg Demon Skeleton

  • Outfit Accessories:
    1.) Skull Helmets w/ Horns
    2.) Digitized Katana
    3.) Skeletal Armor plates

  • Colors:
  1. Black and Dark Red

  2. Dark Blue and Ghostly Green

  3. Violet and Black

  4. Mustard Yellow and Green

  5. Ketchup Red and Blue

  6. Metallic Green and Silver


Character: Orchid

Outfit Look: Super Spy

Outfit Accessories

  1. Head: Hair tied back in a ponytail and google glass-like eyewear
  2. Body: Black Spy outfit like the one below.

  1. Weapon: Black extendable baton shock sticks


Black (Default)
Dark Brown
Forest Green
Desert Camo
Navy Blue
Dark Gray
Brown Camo
Alpine Camo

  • Rash

  • Retro

  • Classic Rash Set

1.) No Belt

2.) Spiked leather elbow pads

3.) Pixel Shades since I have nothing else I can think of giving him, or it can just be Rash with out shades that could be cool

I think it would be a simple set that mostly would require the dev team just to model spiked elbow pads so it would not take much time away from more important non guest characters as well as give us the official look of Rash

Another neat bonus would be on the anniversary of the original games release or maybe super Battletoads release they add a bonus accessory like the holiday themed ones where it just removes his elbow pads entirely making him look like his super Battletoads incarnation.

Not giving up on getting his classic look in the game.


I’ve got a bunch…

##Character: Tusk

Outfit Look: He Man

Outfit Accessories (only 3 allowed - per game format)
1.) Hair
2.) Chest, Shoulder, and Bracers
3.) Belt and flaps, boots

The Sword, or something close to it, is already in the game. Just need the other parts of the outfit to complete the set.


All that is needed is the colors depicted in the picture. I don’t to much care for other color schemes, but those already in the game would suffice.

##Character: TJ Combo

Outfit Look:

Outfit Accessories (only 3 allowed - per game format)
1.) Simple hair cut
2.) Boxing Gloves and Trunks
3.) Boxing boots

I know the rules are only 3 accessories, but I would love to see a boxing robe for him too. A robe and simple boxing attire are all I want.


Not particular on the colors, but at long as there is the simple black trunks, red gloves combo…I’m happy.

##Character: Kan-ra

Outfit Look: Imhotep - The Mummy

Outfit Accessories (only 3 allowed - per game format)
1.) Human skin
2.) Robes and Egyptian jewelry
3.) Sandals on feet

It would be cool if when Kan-ra used his sand moves, his skin degraded to his mummy skin, but then returned back to human skin. Sort of like every time Kan-ra’s powers are used, it drains him in some way.


Basic earth tones, nothing loud.

##Character: Jago

Outfit Look: Tibetan Monk

Outfit Accessories (only 3 allowed - per game format)
1.) Bald Head
2.) Monk Robes
3.) Monk Broadsword

A call back to his roots.


Traditional colors of Orange Robe, and Black Belt.

##Character: Mira

Outfit Look: Selene from underworld

Outfit Accessories (only 3 allowed - per game format)
1.) Hair and skin tone
2.) Black trench coat, cuirass
3.) Leather pants and boots


All Black. Could go for some other dark colors, but solid monotone all the way.

##Character: Sadira

Outfit Look: Spider-girl

Outfit Accessories (only 3 allowed - per game format)
1.) Head
2.) Body
3.) Legs


Normal and Black suit

That is all. I know many of these are licensed, but just simple knockoffs would suffice.


Well, they did a Blade knockoff look for TJ, I don’t see why they wouldn’t be able to do some knockoff looks for these. Great ideas, man!!

Character: Gargos
outfit look: Sauron Lord of the Rings

Outfit Accessories (only 3 allowed - per game format)
1.) Helmet
2.) upper body
3.) lower body

Colors: Black and dark metallic grey