Character insignia forum avatars (Eyedol finally)

Thanks to @UltraZeroX7 for uploading the insignias.

I thought you all might like some smaller, recolored emblems for use on the forums.
I mostly just estimated what I think the colors should be so I’m sorry if they’re not spot on.
Feel free to use them here or anywhere else if you wish.

Eyedol’s emblem added





I’m just glad that someone has finally done it. I’ve been waiting for these since I saw omens.


These are amazing.

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Thanks. :smile:

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How did you get this?? O.o thanks a lot for sharing!


Someone else got them and posted them here, I just resized & colored them for use as avatars. :wink:

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Those look awesome


Thanks @CrimsonRick117

I had forgotten Mira’s so I added it, also I updated Gargos’ so its purple instead of brown/orange like his skin. Figured it would fit the shadow lord theme, plus we didn’t have any purple emblems.


oh yes now its finally here.

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Oh man, thank you! Just out of curiosity, is it possible to upload any of the other character assets, like the tiles on the character select screen or the headshots that show up near the health bars? I love little things like that. ;w;


I’m honestly not sure, someone else got the assets and posted them. I just recolored and re-purposed them as avatars for the forums.


I’m surprised these insignias didn’t make their way onto official merch yet.

Would’ve looked great on t-shirt or a belt buckle… I totally see them embroidered on hats

Yeah, just list that under the missed potential merch that they’ve neglected to cash in on right?

I know I would have bought a Shago emblem shirt. I don’t know if it would break any sorts of rules but I bet it would be easy for someone with the time and funds to make their own shirts with them. I don’t even know how to do that though. D:

Redbubble is your freind


Nice, seems pretty straight forward but I could see complications trying to sell copyrighted materials. lol

I actually forgot about tidbit.

Well there’s Zazzle you can buy your own from there. no selling necessary.

Yeah, I’d make some for myself for sure.

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I’ll be taking that Rash insignia, thank you kindly.


Looks good on ya!

I just added a multi-colored version of Maya’s icon, so it matches the colors of her daggers. I wanted to keep them mostly one-tone for the sake of uniformity but I thought that one warranted an alt version. I’ll probably do the same for Eyedol, gotta have red/purple for his right?


No Problem fellow Crimson lol. I might save a couple and use them for icons in other sites.