Character Idea Showcase (Up Next: Daisuke, the Haunted Armor)


Trust me, once you get going on their movelist, you start thinking about things your characters can do and it can really help to develop them.


R u gonna do another character showcase after this one?


I’d love to. There’s some characters here that won’t make it in that I really wanna showcase, so I’d be more than happy to do another one once this one finishes.


Only about 3 hours left. Unless there’s a big shake-up, its seems our 9 are pretty much decided. But who knows…


I find the top 8 very interesting and I look forward to seeing more of it. My question is would Eagle be sort of a hybrid of Fulgore and Thunder or something different on his own? Yakone would have picked up her skills from her bow or has already been trained in archery? I like the Mako idea but would he be an actual shark man or someone who fights like one? I’d like to see Kelvin and how he’d represent Glacius race from another perspective, I see nothing wrong with two different aliens. The Wendigo and living war sound cool.


I can’t wait for the next. It would be nice for @TempusChaoti and the gang to take interest in holding a create-a-character contest.


Sounds fun. How long is the contest for?


With Eagle, I kinda went with an amalgamation of ideas. I remember it being mentioned in Thunder’s story that he was “a wrestler and amateur boxer”. So, I decided to mix some elements of Fulgore, Thunder and Combo. The end result, if I were to think of something it would be close to, ends up kinda being like Dudley if he had command grabs. He’s the first character I plan to showcase, so you’ll know soon enough.

Yakone’s spent years learning archery from her mother. It actually plays a very important part in her story early on.

Project Mako was created as a direct successor of Project Stalker, so the product of it would be much like a Stalker. That means Mako is going to be a blend of mako shark DNA and human DNA. As for how he fights, well, let’s just say he fights dirty.

And thank you for the feedback! I’m glad to see the response to this was a lot better than I was expecting. I hope I deliver what people want to see once I start actually presenting developed ideas.


And that’s a wrap! Now to count the votes from this poll an the strawpoll and we’ll have our top 8, which will be announced shortly.

And the top 8, along with how many votes they got, are:

Mako (15)
Sol-Dakuri (15)
Eagle (14)
Daisuke (12)
Sinew (12)
Yakone (12)
Reiketsu (12)
Cassidy (11)

And the “boss” character is… Andrey!

That last spot in the top 8 was real close. There was a 5-way tie for it until a couple hours ago. Gigante, Kelvin, Darius and Vyle were real close! But there you have.


I was hoping Kelvin would have made the top 8 but oh well, i’m still looking forward to the rest of them and can’t wait. Also I think you’re right it was mentioned in Thunder’s story that his brother Eagle was a wrestler and boxer, so if they do put him in next season or whatever I can see a moveset incorporating those styles in one. Wonder if he’d go for a more human type character or a non human.


Yeah, I feel bad only doing so many and leaving ones out that people wanted to see. Maybe if I end up doing this again they can show up for that.

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Alright, I think I have a schedule for this worked out:


(I’m not gonna lock myself into dates, but I’ll keep the order.)


So yeah, sadly no Eagle presentation today. That’s been moved to Monday. At least it gives me a little more time to tidy things up.


Its all good, dont make it a rush job

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Alright, I got the final art for Eagle! I’ll be showing him off tomorrow then.


Needs more gorgons. And Lovecraftian monsters.

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Crowley, Mako, Gigante, Darius, Reiketsu, Vyle, Cassidy, and Sol would be my personal 8 choices, but those all sound like pretty cool story arks.


I didn’t do a gorgon/naga type character because I’m just personally not too much of a fan of the idea, and I don’t wanna do a disservice to an idea because I lack passion towards it. I did end up thinking of one that I kinda liked after the poll, so they might show up in the poll for the next wave if that ends up happening.

As for the Lovecraftian monster, that’s what Lot’boa is. It was pretty close, but Andrey ended up winning the vote for the “boss” character, so Lot’boa will have to bide its time I guess.


Aw, what a shame.

What is Andrey, by the way? I didn’t see him mentioned in the original post and didn’t read through the entire thread…

If you care to reconsider the gorgon on a later date, perhaps my own backstory idea will give you some inspiration (I merged it with the “archer” character):


Oh, Andrey was my “vampire lord” idea. Him and Lot’boa were both part of the “boss” character poll, which I added later on.

And as for the gorgon, don’t you worry. They will definitely be a part of the next poll if it happens. I really hope I can make that poll happen, too, since there are some character ideas I had after the initial poll that I ended up really liking. Your idea lorewise for the gorgon is actually somewhat similar to the one I had that I ended up liking. It was Blight, a cultist who served Gargos during his invasion that was transformed by the corruption into a form similar to a gorgon or naga. I’ll try and merge these two ideas.

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