Character Idea Showcase (Up Next: Daisuke, the Haunted Armor)


Alright, the Eagle thread is up! You can find it here: Character Idea: Eagle, the Lost Brother


Report is in, my artist is now flu-free! Daisuke’s art should be ready some time this weekend, so expect his showcase then.

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Has there been anything new lately?


After some very unfortunate circumstances, I should be able to get the next one up tomorrow. Really sorry to have fallen behind, but a lot of things came up.

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I’d like to see a dark kinky orchid :wink:


Have u also thought about their music?


I tried to think of a character from a mix of India & Indonesia like Kim Wu who used to be Chinese-Korean.

I can’t think of something like that.

I need help. All I can think of is something “Bollywood”.


Argh you guys almost set me off on an anti-vampire tirade lol. The most overrated cliche EVER, lol. Don’t need any more of them. Mira is fine and her alchemical mercury weapon makes her unique enough that I can’t hate her despite her handicap. The weapon alone saves her and gives her some originality in my eyes.

My eyes perked up at a Jeckyl and Hyde type character though. Eyedol paved way for character with almost two movelists, lol. He shouldn’t be the scientist though he should be like a wannabe serial killer that steals and takes the potion to become a Jack the Ripper type with abilities of some sort. Don’t know what the base person could have aside from a drunken fighter type move where he drinks a potion to transform into soneone useful but maybe that’s the point maybe he sucks and could be the “Dan” of KI and “Jack” could be closer to OP. His instinct could be “Overdose” where he stays as Jack the whole duration and gets further enhanced but will automatically be dropped below danger on his life bar if you fail to kill them before instinct runs out, lol. I’m thinking maybe Jack has like “poison” or boosted Potential Damage with his knife attacks in the form of insane bloodloss which becomes scarier in instinct mode lol. And to clarify for younger people by “Dan” of KI I meant the original Dan in Street Fighter Alpha a character so bad it was considered a humilition to lose to. So there would be an achievment for “Win a match in any mode without ever transforming into Jack” levels of lame here, lol.

Also you could merge the idea of Sol-Dakuri with the Minotaur as his curse for betraying the king. I’m a spinal main and would like to see where they go with the other people involved in that plot that got cursed but we haven’t seen yet. Sol-Dakuri is the general from that story according to lore given and the minotaur war general with a war hammer that may gain unblockable weapon attacks during instinct (idea based on Hammer of Sol item in SL) sounds like a literal headache begging to be released from its labyrinth.