Character color "exclusivity"

I know this was a hot issue back when the definitive edition was revealed and had what it advertised as an “exclusive” gold Gargos skin but now with the 3.6 update anyone can unlock the two formerly exclusive skins with a little time and effort.

What does this mean for other exclusive colors? Will be we be seeing a means of unlocking or purchasing the colors from the Ultimatesource figures as well? Since they’re finally monetizing the game like we asked for, it would be the perfect time to start selling the wave 1 exclusive figure colors.

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As long as Ultimate Source sells their figures, I really dont see them selling the exclusive colors by themselves. That is one of the big draws to the figures; you get the sweet figure AND a digital code for a unique color to rep online. The Definitive Edition I feel was kind of like a preorder bonus. And with most preorder bonuses these days, they eventually start to sell them off as dlc later on in the games life.

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There were a lot of players who payed for the DE just to get the skins, among the other bonus stuff and its fishy that it was said to be exclusive to the bundle but is now readily available to everyone.

As much as I love KI, I, IMO would never buy a $40 package that I essentially already have just for one to two silver and gold shader covered skins. That is just way too hardcore. There wasnt that much new stuff to warrant a new purchase from their fans that already owned most of the content. Id imagine they added this as a new bonus for those that didnt get it as well as to get people to buy the new gold skins. Right now its only 2 packs but im sure they will do the whole cast eventually as well as add platinum since they are super easy to make. I feel for you guys that bought the stuff a second time just for the skins but seriously thats kind of crazy imo.

The word “exclusive” does that to people though.

The point of the topic being that if the once exclusive skins are not public access, even to free players what does that mean for the other exclusive skins? Clearly exclusive doesn’t mean what you would think it does if these skins are being given out in-game as unlockables.

I wouldn’t say that the 2 Gargos skins are easy to unlock. One requires 80% and the other ia 100%. I have been play SL every day and am sitting at 76%. The character dossiers are a pain to collect.

I was going to start a thread asking to make the character dossiers easier to collect. I unlocked every mimmic in SL though game play. I also have lost count of all the Jagos that i have fought, but I only have 2 dossiers on Jago.

I think the Gargos skins are different because they are not part of a third party item “the figures”

To be honest I just want to give you grief :smile: I don’t play Gargos and could care less about the 2 skins. Get all the SL dossiers means more to me than the skins.

Nothing is ever truly exclusive for long when there is money or attention to be had. I always take anything labeled as exclusive when it comes to being video game related with a grain of salt… unless its an obvious 1st party game thats owned by the company… but dlc i never believe is ever exclusive… except those darn xmas ki items that only early adopters got year 1.

Some games actually do keep things exclusive though.

Yeah man I dont know… I feel like the figures are a different monster than the actual game itself. Like maybe IG made a deal with USource to give them actual exclusive skins for their figures for a more incentive to buy them. Maybe they didnt have as much control on retracting said skins which would potentially kill sales for those figures. With the DE skins, IG had more control and wanted to kind of help the community. Wasnt the Gold skin originally the only real incentive and they later added the platinum skin in too for an extra bonus? I vaguely remember something like that.

Also the Definitive edition isnt so definitive anymore now is it? now that we have new content coming thats not on the disc and all that. You can never believe titles anymore.

Yeah, they had sold a “complete collection” bundle with just season 1 & 2 so I’m sure eventually after season 4 there’ll be a super complete definitive ultra collection.

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Am I the only one beginning to question the release of future Ultimate Source figures? Spinal is like 7 months late, and TJ and the others coming seem to have vanished into the distance. Where is that huge light up Jago?

Yeah, i was wondering the same. Any hopes I had for a Gargos and Eyedol figure faded away long ago.

Yeah at this point I’d be surprised if the phase 2 figures even came out… TJ, Orchid, Cinder, etc. I’d hope we could still get the skins at least.

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That’s kinda why I posted this, clearly the word exclusive doesn’t mean “exclusive” when it comes to KI so hopefully with the new monetized route they’re taking we can see color 10/11 packs added to the market later on.

I like to think of these things as “timed exclusives”.

That’s the thing though, only half of the time do companies actually release their exclusive content later. Its a fifty fifty but so far with the way things are looking, they’ll probably release these later too.

This is why I have not bought the DE version. I am waiting for the.

“KI Holy S$!t - game of all games- XL- Fully Packed -GOTY-ENDALL-FAN Favorite- SuperSized - Complete Edition” :laughing:

Jokes aside, I either preordained my games, or wait until they are completely finished before I buy a disk version.

The Definitive edition is worded pretty haphazardly, it says it contains every bit of content ever released at the time of its release and it certainly doesn’t contain the Ultimate figure colors. Once all the new content comes out they might be in hot water when people start getting pissed that the “definitive” edition isn’t so definitive.

People get GOTY (or such) editions of games to mitigate having to buy anything more. The definitive edition does have some cool features and that app, but not the premium skins. Soon it might not even have every character. Which is really the baseline for a fighting game deluxe edition.

say I found a physical edition of KI the definitive edition. the copy I have is non definitive digital. if I bought the physical will I have to pop in the disc to gain access to the new content every time I play the game?