Character-based dialogue

So true. But I wonder will we see secret ending in Gargos’s cinematic? He had one cinematic.

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Have some patience SL isn’t even out officially yet.



If there is a tease for season 4 or like some are hoping an unlockable 9th character, I’m sure they wont we available untill the ifficial release.

SHIELD MAIDEN? He called her a SHIELD MAIDEN? Tusk dovahkiin status confirmed.


Another line that felt odd from Jago is when facing Omen, “Come Herald of Gargos meet your maker”. I can’t anymore lol

Just saw this one:

“Riptor make water on you now, dead thing.” [makes water]

:joy: too funny :joy:


That should be the ultimate taunt of all LOL! :joy::laughing::joy:

i really hope these come to the multi player somehow even if its just text like in guilty gear. these are just so hilarious


"ARIA pleased… when riptor kill this mimic. ARIA say “Good girl.”

Oh riptor so adorable. ARIA best master. <3


Is there any dialogue between Shago/Jago and Orchid? Im on PC so I cant really test out shadowlords. :frowning:

Doesnt Onee-chan have anything to say to her brother? Theyre so non-interacting in the base game they might as well not be siblings.

There was one interaction between Orchid and Shago, and it’s during one of her storyline missions

Yeah, just got it too…would be a cutscene worthy moment.

Fulgore has a nice one where be meets Thunder, my favorite so far in SL

I thought the spit was weird too- In 20 years we’ve never seen Jago’s mouth! Did he spit through the steel mask?! lol


He can spit so powerfully that it can cut through steel lol.


I’d like to see the mimics get a bit more of a personality than the stock quotes. For example, going into battle with a mimic TJ Combo he said “I am the Fist of Gargos!”

I thought that was a bit clever, until an Aganos said the same thing. Okay, that still makes sense, maybe more since he has one singular fist.

Then a mimic Sadira said it and I realised the dialogue has no correlation with the mimic, Sadie can’t even make a fist lol.

Still, certain mimics could still continue the X of Gargos theme.

Some of the dialogue is hilarious Jagos spit made me laugh out loud for some reason. Also apparently Gargos likes looking at and fighting himself. I’m hoping that Boss gargos also have some lines in the future

Some more custom tailored dialogue would be kinda nice. Like, certain characters react to different mimics in different ways (I think I’ve seen Riptor reference “popping Fulgore heads” while fighting a Fulgore mimic, wonder if it was coincidence) or unique dialogue for mirror matches.

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There’s one for orchid when fighting an aria mimic she says something along the lines of “fighting you will be practice for when I get the chance to pop the real aria”. I thought it was pretty cool.


Not so much character dialogue but when playing as Gargos and choosing to not accept a new team member it Says “Gargos politley rejects Tusks offer” etc. Don’t think thats how it would go down! :slight_smile: