Character-based dialogue

Alright, so had a chance to get through a few days of combating Gargos’s mimics and so far it’s pretty fun. I like the buffs and mini-sequences before matches that dictate if you will go without meter, instinct or have unlimited meter for 20 seconds, etc.

However, one thing stood out to me the most, dialogue. I know Killer Instinct is meant to be cheesy, I know it was never a serious game. None of that applies here.

My biggest complaint is the inconstancies with certain characters during dialogue.

For example, Jago. At one point he is having an exchange with Shago. During the exchange Jago spits at a comment made by his Shadow-self… This is odd coming from a Warrior-Monk. Perhaps it is better suited for a barbarian or something similar but monks are well-maintained in their behavior and body-language. This contradicts the idea that he is a monk. A suggestion would simply be to reply to Shago with something along the lines of, “I no longer corrupted by Gargos. I have ascended to the true Tiger Spirit”.

Something to indicate his lengthy seclusion from the world when discovering himself and ridding the corruption. This applies to the rest of the cast I just mention Jago because I feel as if I connected most with his character and can identify his personality a bit more.

Another inconstancy, although not sure if true is with Tusk having a “crush” on Kim. Again, I don’t know if this was confirmed but if that is the case, why? In his Novela, he turned down someone who is much older than Kim because she is too young and he can’t fall for anyone yet Kim is okay?

Just some of those things that should be looked at. Sure, gameplay mechanics are prioritized but dialogue goes a long way in keeping invested in the story.

Hope you guys look into it, as I am a huge fan of story-writing/reading.

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“Kim has the heart of a shield-maiden. Tusk likes her.”

This doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with romance. It could just be a warrior’s respect.


nobody is perfect. monks too. im not surprised jago lost his cool when in a conversation with the literal embodiment of everything he despise that is within himself


I don’t think Jago’s dialogue is off at all, his tiger clan is entirely fictional and does not completely match any real thing (which makes sense since the tiger clan was fabricated by Gargos).

What does bother me, how does Jago spit with a metal mask heavily strapped firmly to his face?


He probably took it off halfway and then spit, and I thought he did that when having an exchange from Gargos at the beginning, js. Anyway, like everyone says, nobody is perfect, and monks are no exception

Well, in the novella, it says that Jago feels like he failed as a human being, so him simply not giving a crap about honor and respect to his enemies doesn’t seem too out of place considering what he’s been through.

You guys are still missing the point on monks though. Sure monks aren’t perfect but Jago has spent years refining his stature. He is 30 years old, just doesn’t fit his personality even if he is sour about the corruption.


Most of those years he was following the Tiger Spirit.

Yeah I don’t think meditation and kicking wood posts is going to quell his hatred much.

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Sure he is hateful but like I said, that action is better reserved for a barbarian. If you ever played Diablo you can see the distinct personalities between the classes i.e. Monk, Barbarian, Templar, etc. by the way they interact.

I understand his hatred but just doesn’t seem like it suits his nature.

Edit: Even if Jago followed the corrupted Tiger Spirit his personality has always be true despite the corruption. Which is why his host called him “weak” due to the purity Jago carried beneath. Part of that comes down to how he acts as a monk. Maybe I’m making a big deal of his spitting. But, at least give him more dialogue that is relatable to monks and shows his purity and refined stature.


With a rebound?

Just for clarification: Does he just express disgust/contempt (“spit”) at whatever comment Shago said, or does he react to it by literally spitting saliva on the ground?

Well jago’s probably pissed that his body was used and corrupted and then finds his shadow self. Then it mocks him and all that. Don’t think jago would be all noble about it. I’m sure he would want that runback.


Someone should ask the devs about this whole spitting thing, just for clarification and all

It just says spit during one piece of dialogue. The rest he is pretty salty, which is fine like I said. But it isn’t the only instance where he isn’t acting like a monk or something of that nature.

Nothing as hilarious as Riptor saving that little girl from a collapsing building LOL


There’s definitely going to be an adjustment period seeing these characters express themselves in ways we didn’t imagine them after being so used to playing them for years.

True, I just hope it’s a dedicated effort on the writers opposed to something quick they made on the spot based on general observations of the character.

Like this


Jago spit make me cringe and laugh. XD

Off-topic - To be honestly, I don’t like Shadow Lords ending because it’s bored and pointless. I mean like “CONGRATS! YOU DEFEATED GARGOS! GOOD-BYE!” That’s all?.. No epic ending? No tease ending for Season 4?


Gotta remember, Kev. This is just the Early Access version. If there’s more coming, they’ll add it in.