Character Backstory - The Herald of Gargos

The question that has been on many of your minds has been answered: will Omen have a back story? Yes, yes he will. The Herald of Gargos is here. Give it a read.

Check out Omen’s backstory here:


First. Trolllolololol. Nice back story by the way.Will Omen rebel against Gargos now? It seems like it.


I’d prefer Omen possessing a new human vessel than Jago.

He’s perfect for being KI’s Akuma.

@FallofSeraphs76 OMEN GETS A STORY YAY


So, Aria’s ending isn’t canon ?

So Omen may turn his back on Gargos? Spicy!

And Shadow Jago is the aftermath of Omen’s possession? So Jago is now Shadow Jago by himself? That… is unexpected, to say the least.

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“But the Herald of Gargos was dumbfounded when the shadow form of that warrior-monk (the thing known as Shadow Jago) emerged in the aftermath of his possession of Jago. That wasn’t supposed to happen.”

I think they meant Omen emerging into corporeal form wasn’t supposed to happen. I also read it the way you read it at first though.

something tells me Omen may just have a different design in a future KI game, as it stands Omen is pretty damn awesome right now. Wonderful backstory.

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Happy to see our bonus character getting some :heart:


I’m not sure about that because in the previous paragraph they talk about Omen’s corporeality. You may be right though.

Pretty sure they’re explaining that Shago is something separate now. Shadow Jago, Jago, and Omen all exist at once.


I don’t think Jago and Shadow Jago are separate beings now, but Jago is now stuck as his Shadow form, while Omen runs free.

I’d hope for this to be the case as well. I just remembered Jagos back story and it mentioned him basically purging himself of the corruption and strengthening his mastery of the endokuken.

But I’d be amazed if this would be a case of the protagonist actually being stuck in their dark form.

I don’t think Jago will be stuck in his shadow form. From reading the story, it seems to me that the essence of Shadow Jago will remain within Jago (even though Omen is now running free and loose)

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That would be amazing as well.


Jago actually has emotions! o:
Also Shadow Orchid

Interesting story tho

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“Omen will torture them and inhabit their bodies…steal their thoughts and crush their souls.”
“Omen’s brief taste of living inside a corporeal form was intoxicating, and he longs to inhabit human form again.”

Sounds to me like we might get several other shadow versions of our beloved characters? If so, I’m guessing a reskin only.

And it reads clearly to me that Jago, Shago and Omen could all sit in a room together, exchanging awkward glances. They are three distinct entities.


Someone should make a drawing out of the last paragraph laughing

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I’m picturing his animation right after a successful Demonic Despair.

So it sounds like they really are setting us up for another Shadow Character.

And holy crap, Gargos is a demigod that can literally poof things into reality with just his imagination? How tf is something so powerful going to be taken down by the KI good guys without seeming silly? I know the KI team can do it but still, this thing seems like it could be a little OP (story wise lol)

Also, I attempted to look up Ikkorans to see if they were based on something like a religion, myth, legend etc. but couldn’t find anything, anybody got an idea of where they got that word from or is it likely something the team just made up for KI?