Character Backstory - Glory Days

Ah, yes. Another Monday is here… Wait. It’s not Monday. It’s definitely Tuesday. The long weekend put us back a day, but we’re here with your look at Season 2 backstories.

This week it’s TJ Combo’s turn.

Check out TJ Combo’s backstory here:


AWESOME. I want his dad as a character/skin. I love it.

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I really enjoyed this one. I wonder whether we’ll be seeing a “Disavowed” aligned-character in Season 3? Maybe Disavowed is a cover for a different megacorporation, as some people have speculated we might see a new megacorp added to KI’s lore.

OMG Next week is Kan Ra… The char that everyone hates besides the ppl that understand him :smiley:

Guess S2 characters weren’t involved in the KI tournament were they. Love TJ’s story!

Best one so far.

:neutral_face: Hm, so TJ had a wife…

I liked most of this backstory BUT I have a small question about the way Ultratech exposed TJ:

Wouldn’t it have been even further bad publicity to take responsibility for helping TJ fix his matches?

Oooh, I like the tie-ins to the real world here with Tyson and Ali.
I also like the added wrinkle to Fulgores fight programming with the line about scanning TJs brain while he was fighting.

Not much in this one teasing changes, just more confirmation of the longer combos that we’ve known about for a while now

G-ddamn. TJ’s had it rough. Though the hint at the end for his changes REALLY confuses me.

PS: Upcoming hint for Kan-Ra: “Total Rework” :wink:

there is a way to get these stories in-game? in Italian? the translator does not do a good job…it would be nice to have an address book in-game where you can consult these stories …
i hope in a future.

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Pondering that hint about TJ living up to “Combo.” He could be getting some enhancements to his combos, as obvious as that may have been.

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After next weekend, there’s not really going to be a reason to cryptically hint at balance changes in the story, is there?

I’m not certain they are revealing all the changes are they?

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FINALLY! Now, we know his full name! Tyler-Johnson is cool name.


Another great story. Excited to see what’s released at the tournament at the end of the month.


Really neat and interesting as well as intriguing new AND official expanded backstory on TJ Combo :grin:


So if Jago and Orchid are the Luke and Leia of Killer Instinct, does that make TJ Combo Han Solo?

I really hope they add an agent of the disavowed as a character in season 3.


A Season 3 build will be playable at the KI World Cup next weekend. There’s also a 2 hour period dedicated to Season 3 previews, presumably for a new character and balance changes (or two characters?). Either way, balance changes/reworks will no longer be secret at that point, unless they haven’t implemented them, which wouldn’t make sense for a playable build of the game that you’re trying to present.

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Now TJ Combo is not just a “Simple Human Boxer”!
Every Killer Instinct Character now have some kind of power!
I mean, TJ Combo was the only character that have “human strenght”, but now we know why he is so powerful to fight characters like Cinder, Fulgore or ARIA: His DNA was “meesed” by UltraTech and that made him more powerfull
Also… This part:
"His arms healed up fast. Too fast."
Maybe TJ Combo now have some kind of… “Healing Factor”? Like Wolverine? O_o
Anyway, now we know what was the “blue power” that TJ Combo have in his Instinct Mode, probably have something to do with his DNA been “messed” by UltraTech


This is probably the most detailed backstory yet. Makes you feel really sorry for the guy. Great story as always