Character Backstory - Fulgore Mark 03 Field Manual-L

Here it is, the last of the Season 1 characters to get their backstory, and the last backstory of the year.


I’m sure you all are well aware that it is the holiday season, and with that comes the wacky out of office notifications for a multitude of reasons. Vacations. Holiday visits. Winter sickness. Even celebrations of new life. All of these things have contributed to the weirdness of December around these parts. While in no way stagnant, there’s definitely a noticeable lack of buzz around the office. The normal rage-inducing traffic during the morning and afternoon commute still happen, but on a smaller scale than most months. Work, as normal, is not stopping in any sense of the word, but it is definitely slowing down.

Thus the decision to hold off character backstories until January. Nothing wrong here at Microsoft or Iron Galaxy, but the process is definitely slowed, and we’re committed to making sure we bring you these updates in a timely fashion. That’s ALWAYS our goal. Having to ever delay anything is always crushing to us, but with so many key folks working weird hours, it is sometimes unavoidable. We’ll be starting our look at Season 2 characters in January. Could be the 4th, but may possibly be the 11th, too. We’ll update you via Twitter once we have that settled.

What of other news? Don’t let my love letter to an upcoming vacation make you think that we aren’t still working hard through the Holiday break. There’s still a lot going on, and we’re not going dark by any means. With that said, I wouldn’t expect any new trailers to drop in the next few weeks, either. 2.13 is still rolling along, and we’re looking forward to sharing more with you soon. Season 3 is definitely a big mark on the calendar as well, and January is going to be an exciting time for us all. Trust me, there’s a lot to cover, and we’re ready to get the ball rolling.

So for the rest of December, kick back, relax, and enjoy the company of friends, family, or the warmth of the Xbox and TV as you deliver beatdowns to anyone who dares cross your path (this is my plan).

Catch you next year,
<3 Rukari

Oh, P.S.
Check out the full Fulgore backstory here:


Who is writing this stuff? It’s pretty good if I may say so.

See ya next year!


Happy Holidays, looking forward to next year and season 3 :slight_smile:

Sounds like Fulgore’s change will be getting his full screen heavy laser back. That can’t be right, you guys were suppose to nerf him some more!

This hurts my brain. I feel like i’m looking at Finals again for programming. Ugh…

LOL I understood it though. Hmm. That brain must be Reeeeel important…


“Better Laser Targeting”

Considering it’s one of his least effective moves (not to say it doesn’t have its uses) this’ll be interesting to see.

I thought it’d be about Eagle. The story sounds like a computer program.

I enjoyed the snippet about his reflective shield

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Judgin from this it seems the following;

1- Fulgore might be getting a reflector

2- It seems Fulgore’s body was destoryed some how but the brain is still secure.

3- He shows sighns of rebellious behavior, does that mean Eagle is confirmed to be Eagle in some form? either way this Fulgore we know is not your garden variety one.

4- Something about the eye-beams not traveling all the way to the target? what could this mean? is his eye-beams getting extended again?

Either way it sounds exciting! not quite told the way I’d hope but at least it’s something!

All things considered Fulgore isn’t that bad to deal with. He doesn’t need any more nerfs as it was considering he got those up the freaking wah-zu.

Is fulgores medium laser eye getting a buff? That’s what it sounded to me…

Maybe, either that or maybe he’ll have full screen eye-beams again? I don’t really know. Who knows.

I also herd “reflector” shield. Not sure if that means he’ll get one on Instinct or not.

Still it all sounds exciting.

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On the Plus note of this story, they didn’t rehash, remove, replace, or recreate any past lore in any way shape or form. So that is intact thankfully. I’m happy about that. As far as this story goes though, I don’t really see the relevance. It was a good read, thought out and processed well. Very detailed but, where, other than retrieval of a fallen units, basically, brain/memory/programming core is the story? That’s what’s missing here. The only vagueness in any of it is that in Season 3 we will be getting a Fulgore MK IV which will have his KI 1 reflector and possibly getting his KI 2 Targeted Heavy Laser or his original Full Screen heavy eye laser. Speculation there. The detail to the design of the Fulgore unit to deter anyone from trying to mess with it’s internal structure was very profound and all of the safety/kill the invader protocols were interesting and I did like that.

Just seems a lack of character building in this more or less homage to the worker’s life of retrieving fallen unit cores and how pretty much ruined their life is if they do anything but what is directly required. Prison? Death? More Death? Oh and one last chance of death too. I did enjoy reading it though.

Honestly I’m uber excited what this will lead to. I expect some unfortunate nerfs to come our way but so lon as the stuff we et makes tings interesting I cannot wait to implment these new moves into my strategy.

Y’know we are pretty much 3 months away from season 3…How did that happen so fast…

Good job on the story/Instruction-booklet and happy holidays to everyone at MS/IG :smiley:



Medium eye laser is maybe the best special move in the game. Dunno which versions of laser they’re talking about when they say “eye lasers weren’t traveling all the way to the target”, but his eye lasers (both medium and heavy) are both pretty difficult moves to balance.

I am confused? Is this a story or something? I am curious what this “Defensive Rollout Maneuver” is. A wake up roll that goes backwards? A side roll to avoid projectiles? Also energy shield that does damage? I guess he can activate a radiation overload where the opponent slowly takes damage when near him while it is activated. Really confusing.

Fulgore cannot afford anymore nerfs. Simply put, with the tools I foresee coming in Season 3, I see him getting a couple of unique tools of his own. Spinal is the only one who can defend against projectiles positively with your opponent netting nothing. What I see in S3, at least if Fulgore’s reflector comes to fruition, your opponent will not gain meter from projectiles, if you reflect it, I see Fulgore absorbing the energy towards his spin speed launching the projectile back at the opponent. Or a shadow version of the reflector could be (if plausible) become fully invincible on startup and maybe some of the active frames, turn their projectile into a mini devastation beam for 15% and leave 5-10% potential damage or no potential damage and have it cause stagger? Who knows, thoughts right?

No wonder this took so long. And that is a scary as **** job. Don’t sign me up. lol

Darnit, Red. You took all of my points :stuck_out_tongue:
But yeah, it would appear Season 3 is going to be the start of a very good time for Fulgore! I mean holy ■■■■ the possibility of an eye laser buff AND the mention of his old Reflector makes me squee like a school girl.

Oh, one little detail. Anyone else notice Fulgore’s filename makes up the acronym FML :smirk:
Edit:…P00p? P00p is censored? I used it specifically to avoid using swears and it’s considered a swear?
Keits plz Nerf Forum filter kappa

My Reaction

Before read Fulgore’s backstory: Finally!

After read Fulgore’s backstory: What did I just read…