Character Art

Working on my Avatar.

What is it?

Riptor, not finished. The Redbull wore off.

Haven’t heard about that 3D software, at first I thought you were withg Z brush

I use sculptres, then I send it to 3Dcoat for retopology, and render.

Sculptris is free and very powerfull.
You can buy 3dcoat from steam for 99 bucks, its very powerfull but
you need GOOD 3D card and there is a learning curve.

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What are you using?

Used the old 3D Max :grin: , practically nothing of Blender or Z brush. But I saw some cool stuff with them, specially the last one.

Drank some more redbull.

Keep us updated!!!

That looks like what you’d see if you went into the hatchery and they were making riptors in incubators.
Where’s Jeff Goldblum when you need him.


“See? Nobody cares!”

I dont understand?
Nobody care what?

It’s a quote, from the fat guy. Wayne Night (or Knight)

ooh Jurassic Park…

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If it sin;t related to KI I don’t think it should be on here. However I got to say it’s a WIP. So I’ll hold off any comment until it’s finished : )

Oh sorry, I thought it was ok to put KI art here…