Change link color (NEW: Easy user way to do this until a site fix comes)

Hi guys, just wanted to comment that the color of links right now (light gray) is just really hard to see. The background is black and the text is white, so shades of gray don’t turn up very well, especially when they are hidden in paragraphs.

I would highly recommend you change the color of links to something that is much easier to see… perhaps the purple from the S2 color scheme, or maybe the green from the upcoming S3. I would like to be able to scan a post and see if it has a link in it, and the gray is too muted to let me do that.



Thanks for the feedback. That’s definitely something we’re looking at changing, but it is going to take a little time. Long story short is right now changing link colors changes all links (including the color of links in the root of the forums).

We are searching for a way to separate those.

.cooked a

as a css selector should target the designed post a hrefs without impacting other links.

I links for me are pure white until I hover over them :stuck_out_tongue:

I wanted to bring this topic back up. It seems ColdSun above has a solution, and if that doesn’t work, surely there is another way that is not too difficult.

The links being almost the exact same color as the text really impacts the usability of the forums.

@rukizzel @CStyles45

So after about 3 minutes of research, I figured out a user way to change the link color, and I recommend everybody who is annoyed by the gray link color take 1 minute to implement this fix yourself. It will probably not work for all browsers on all devices (which is why they should still fix this issue internally), but should work for most.

  1. Download the “Stylish” extension for Firefox or Chrome. Just type “stylish chrome” or “stylish firefox” into google and download the first extension in the list.

  2. Go to in your browser.

  3. Click the Stylish button in the top-right corner of your browser, near the X that closes the program. In Firefox, click “Write new style” → “for”. In Chrome, click the full link (ie, the word “forums”) next to “Write style for”.

  4. Copy and paste this code into the window that pops up. In Firefox, add it between the curly brackets after -moz-document (ie, on line 4). In Chrome, just paste it into the blank space.

.cooked a, .d-editor-preview a {
color: #68D7FC;
a.mention {
color: #ccc

  1. Give it a name and save it. You’re done!

If you want to make the color something other than blue, just change the first 6-digit hex value next to “color” to anything you want and click Save again. If you don’t know what hex colors are, go find a color you like on The “a.mention” part keeps the text gray when you are mentioning another user, but you can change the color for this manually yourself as well, if you want! (And if you want to change the background oval of a user mention, just add “background: #FF0000” underneat the color part and pick the color you want there)