CEO 2016: Thompsxon Claims Back-to-Back Major Wins!


She was able to break through BECAUSE she’s top tier. I know girls who play KI that are good to.


I understand what you are saying but like it or not if she was a male(or transgender) you most likely would not even give her the same recognition. There is no “no girls allowed” sign in the FGC in fact when you look at tourney streams in the audience there are plenty of females spotted most of the time.

This is like any other “sport” there are many, many more make boxers, basketball players, football players than there are females but that doesn’t mean females are not allowed to play or are not existent or any less skilled.

Likewise there are many, many more women in volleyball, tennis, figure skating etc than there are men and just as before there are men in those sports as well it is just more dominated by females.

Same goes for FG’s not only is there more males who play video games regularly than females FG’s takes dedication and time to get to a toptier level of skill and some talent as well. Now I am not hating on Pink in anyway in fact as a male Jago player for the entirety of S1 until late S2 when I started watching Pink play I never touched another character but ended up picking up Maya because of her (yes, I know LCD played Maya but I never really cared for LCD).

In my opinion there needs to be no recognition of someones gender period, whether male, female or heck even now a days who knows what gender someone wants to label themselves. The important part is only the skill/gameplay and some personality. I believe you may be doing it whole heartedly because you think she is a good player but even still without a doubt in my mind you see it that way mostly because she is a female but I can only speak for myself and beliefs so yeah.


i respectfully disagree.


Is posting tournaments results in the header sill a thing? Oh… Sucks for anyone who wanted to watch it and didn’t have an 8 hour block available the day it aired.

Oh well.

Less clicks for the host streamer too. It’s okay though, clicking this thread is the same.

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You do realize this thread is like 10 months old right?


IIIIIIIII… did not