CEO 2016: Thompsxon Claims Back-to-Back Major Wins!

Did you see that chat blowing up about something when she went up? I wonder too now. :no_mouth:

For some reason, gamers in twitch chats are very disrespectful to women.

We’re getting off topic.

Well Women are better then guys so…that’s called being scared.

It was great.

By the way spoilers in the title how awesome.

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Anonymity brings out the worst of people.

I agree with this. Wasn’t that big of a deal to me but I can see how some people would get mad with spoilers in the topic title.

can we all take time to appreciate Pink Diamond for a second? I dont think there have been many toptier gamer girls in tourneys in recent memory.


He’s representing the true face of the franchise… Jagos Unite

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Isn’t she the first?

Yeah sure we can give special attention to a competitor solely based on their gender.

Go Pink Diamond but only because you are a “Gamer Girl” and not a regular “Gamer”.


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No, there has been female who has won Evo. I do not mean the dudes who pretend to be females either an actual female.



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She didn’t win evo. She has the credentials though.

Guinness World Record: First Female Super Street Fighter IV World Champion (EVO 2010 Women’s Invitational) - See more at:

My bad she won Evo but it was a women’s invitational. I thought it was just the regular tournament. Regardless she sure has a ton of tourney wins and here I am barely able to win online. What am I doing with my life :cry:

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No, shes pretty legit.

He means that we can’t JUST acknowledge her because she’s a woman. Nobody is denying the young ladies skill.

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A woman managed to break into a mostly male-dominated community. I think thats whats worth acknowledging imho. Not that shes a girl.

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…what lol I feel like you just said the same thing but elaborated on it.

maybe we are saying the same thing and we had a misunderstanding. In that sense Im glad we cleared that up.

What Im trying to say is, Imagine a treehouse, in that treehouse is a club full of boys and a big-■■■ sign saying “no girls allowed” hanging at the front. Nobody remembers who put up the sign, but really everybody’s forgotten about it and dont care if a girl does want to join the treehouse club. Then one day a girl shows up and all the boys were like “Cool! Lets play some videogames!” Suddenly all the other girls who wanted to join the club see this girl, they didnt know girls were allowed because all they saw was the giant “No girls allowed” sign. Seriously, we need to take that sign down but I digress. Now we have even more girls joining the club, it grows bigger, and more diverse and everybody is having a lot of fun.

I think thats why people like Pink Diamond are so important to the FGC and why shes worth acknowledging not just because shes toptier but because she managed to break through the way she did and hopefully this starts a precedence of more girls joining the club.

But thats just me. If you still think its a petty reason, fair enough.

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