CEO 2016: Thompsxon Claims Back-to-Back Major Wins!

CEO was this past weekend, and what an incredible tournament it was!

Check out the full blog here:


Thompxson is the true Jago master. I bet he has Rico worried now lol


Thompxson has always been amazing, but I never thought he’d get to THIS level. Our sets are usually pretty even, if not slightly in his favor, at least in the beginning. After a while though, he kind of engages in a “style” mode where he’s in our head and wrecks you. So my tip is, finish the set asap :slight_smile:


Thanks for the post CStyles, one of the things we kind of lack on these forums is quick results threads for tournaments. On testyourmight there’s usually a thread posted immediately after top 8 has concluded. It makes it much easier for fans of the game to tun in and see the results that they may have missed.

So I appreciate you taking the time to put this together.


The guy will be in to 3 at evo I’m calling it.

Not a problem! You can expect much more of these type of posts in the future in regards to tournament results

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I can see that happening. He has improved substantially over the last year. Definitely the best Jago player currently in my opinion.

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Seems like a cool guy too congratulations on the win Thompsxon.

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Maybe he can be the 1st to win a grand slam/ triple crown of Killer Instinct majors??? That would be interesting!

Has it ever been done before in any of the fighting games?

Pretty sure that would also get Jago nerfed.


Doubt it.

*Wipes away single man tear *A proud day for Jagos everywhere :sob: The Main Man puttin in work.


I got to see this occur in real-time and in person. I was there! :smiley:

Thompsxon never fails to impress.


In before “nerf Jago” becomes a thing.


lol Thompsxon is just great player. He’s not taking advantage of any overpowered aspect of Jago. He’s just playing very smart.


THOMPXSON!!! The tournament was awesome.

Really happy with his performance and win.
Amazingly, he held his composure while being faced by seemingly yolo DPs and yolo counter breakers that opponents threw at him. excessive risk taking by his opponents at times. He punished them for it! And showed poise and great maturity. Excellent work!

Thompxson is a really solid player, and all his victories are thanks to his skill.

The nerf Jago thing was a joke.

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Eh, we’ll see what happens at evo. Like tokido, I’m expecting a choke early on.

Pink Diamond is my bae

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