Celdwellar and Atlas Plug in Bulgaria for a Choir Recording

Tusk isn’t Bulgarian is he? Could be a new character…


I suspect it’s probably just a cheap place to hire and record a choir, but you never know.

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I’m thinking vampire due to the whole Bulgaria and Transylvania thing

Fun fact - a side-to-side head shake in Bulgaria means “Yes”, and a vertical nod of the head means “No”.


Andy is correct… any time Metal bands need choir/orchestra recordings they go to Prague and Bulgaria. Those are the best places to get Orchestration done for less… plus they are just the best at it.

Just because they are recording in Bulgaria doesnt mean it has anything to do with a certain character and there back story lol


Look… We can dream

Oh im sure its for Tusk… his KI2 song was full of orchestra… so Im sure they are gong to try and get close to that fell. Its gonna be awesome!!!

Mick traveled in order to learn the Tibetan Monk’s chant/ohm for Jago’s theme soo…

I think there’s reason to justify this could be indirectly a new character just based off the fact that both artists are out there.

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Kim Wu? Chorus? Bulgaria? OMG IF KIM’S THEME HAD CHORUS…


Even though it might not even be for Kimmy, One can dream!


Yes, we all know this… Im not going to argue over it. I did just say its prob for Tusk…but I wouldn’t get carried away and say its for a vampire character or anything.

Everyone that knows anything about metal music with orchestration knows…you either use a program to create choirs and orchestra or you go to Prague , Bulgaria, ect…

At least they arent using a program…so thats a good thing!

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Dat authentic sound


I Has to be Kim Wu’s theme because she was reveled first on Rash’s Trailer.

at least this shows that they’re gonna be loyal to the KI series instead of giving every character wubby dubstep which a lot of people were scared about

dude that picture can cause SERIOUS seizures!

on topic. This doesn’t dictated what the characters are. I would’t mind if they can show samples of what they have so far.




Uhhhhh…NO…I bet you anything it isnt. KimWu’s music is prob done and in the can. We heard a clip of it already… I guarantee you its all for Tusk. Kim’s will be electronic with Japanese influence. IMO

Wasn’t Orchids mountain training in Carpathian Mountains near Transylvania Bulgaria

Guys it’s obvious this means El Fuerte is the next guest character.

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Asked in the earlier forums, @TempusChaoti was curious if we thought that Kim should be of Chinese or Korean descent (IIRC).

Take that what you will, but I highly doubt they’re going to go Japanese on this one since was already have a Japanese character :slight_smile:

Q Bombs for everyone.

you know what i mean…oriental… not gothic, epic , symphonic like Tusks KI2 theme