Celdwellar and Atlas Plug in Bulgaria for a Choir Recording

we just need to wait … for couple months for sure

I think it may be for a new character, probably the one after Kim Wu. I think they’ll hold back on Tusk for a while.
BTW what is the release schedule like? Season 1 with 6 + 2 later, or Season 2 with one per month or so?

Probably 3 on launch and one a month

I’ll be so busy playing Rashid Ibuki Ryu Dhalsim and Cammy that it won’t matter

I love Bulgarian folk music:


All good news!

Im so pleased these guys are working on KI3

No one has any idea what the release schedule will be, there is only speculation at this point.

At the moment, I am somewhat pessimistic that we will see more than two characters at launch. I’m also not sure that they will go for a one a month release after that. But they haven’t said anything about it. I would anticipate some kind of announcement in January but who knows?

I’m a bit nervous that people are expecting a big S1 style launch and we are going to get Rash and Kim Wu with other characters to follow (like S2).

I think we should have faith.


this may prove to be interesting.

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Best way to be sane

They plainly said Kim Wu And Rash were finished.

They never said any other character was finished.

Without reveals or concept art expect only that.

Where did they say Kim Wu was finished?

Search for Kim Wu I’m working don’t have time for all that

Lol. So you made it up.


Pretty sure someone said a while ago Season 3 has 3 minimum, or at least confirming more than 2 at launch.

I have a good feeling on this one

Alone in the Dark may be a controversial game due to its overall quality but the soundtrack was really great. Also done in Bulgaria by a choir.

But you have time to troll lol no one believes without evidence back up

For some reason, when I was watching the first video (The first half), I was thinking in Tusk’s theme. Freaking loved it! :heart_eyes:

I’m not the one salivating and wringing my thumbs.
AKA IM NOT searching for something we already know.


With the timeframe from announcement to release, I don’t think anyone should be expecting a S1 kind of launch. 2 or 3 at launch seems good, after that I hope its 1 a month.

100% for Tusk which im guessing (from the teases) will be revealed next month possibly at World Cup