Can't Invite (or join) friend to versus match or lobby

Hello Good KI Community

I’ve been having an issue since pretty much the release on Windows 10,

Sometimes this thing start durping and it just won’t allow me to invite or join friends, it gives me the “unable to connect” thingy.

the thing is that lately I can’t play with any of my friends, and is very annoying cause I want to combo breaker and stuff and I can’t :frowning:


activate the windows firewall (it is neccessary) and make sure that you get a teredo address by checking if there is a “Teredo Tunneling” entry under network adapters in the device manager (you may have to turn on “show hidden devices”). you can also put in the following line into a command prompt to see if it works:

Netsh Int Teredo Show Stat

they should be two IP-addresses in the stats if it works.