Can't get ranked matches to save on Win10

I can’t get ranked matches to save after they’ve been played on windows 10.
I switched over at the start of season 3 to the PC version and never had any issues until about a week or two ago.
I’ve tried installing again and using the reset button on Win10.
Matches save when I play the Xbox version and show on Windows 10.
Did some googling and couldn’t find anything that fixed this issue for me.

Please help :slight_smile:


You’re having trouble saving what exactly?

Ranked points - (usually automatic with no save button, but I guess crashing may negate that.)

Replays - (they save for a while but are auto deleted after about a month-ish) or shadow stats (which is always optional after a fight with a character you have a shadow for.) I’m just saying you might get an answer if your line of questioning was a little clearer. :slight_smile:

?? LOL anyways

If I play some ranked matches and then back out of KI the matches don’t save and my Ranked Record says 0-0.
I’ve owned KI since season 1 and have never had an issue.

Yeah, kind of an important piece of information you missed out here.

Maybe this is helpful?