Cannot pre-order Season 3 in Canada via PC

So I’m Canadian and I don’t own an Xbox One. I’m trying to preorder Season 3 Ultra from the store but when selecting payment options the website defaults to the United States marketplace and will not acknowledge or allow me to add payment options from Canada.

This has quickly become frustrating as I would very much like to have the pre-order bonuses for the Ultra pack, but it seems I cannot pre-purchase it without either being from the US or having an Xbox One.

Is there any Microsoft or IG employee who spots this and can provide a solution? I have tried using every payment option available to me but nothing has worked (Paypal, Credit Card).

I simply don’t understand why the Xbox store separates the markets this way, nor allows me to enter a credit card using billing data that is outside of the US.

If you simply want the pre-order bonuses the PC versions will have them as a sort of “day one” bonus so you can still get it all if you just buy the pc version on release day.

Is that so? Is that confirmed anywhere?

I would be happy with that if that’s the case.

It’s like 20 posts in, in this thread: Killer Instinct Season 3 Pricing Details
but basically:

Awesome, thanks for that clarification.
In any case I contacted Microsoft and everything has been solved. Mods can now obliterate this thread.

@RGLOfficial had the same issue too, but was able to resolve it, somehow. I’ll get him in here so he can share how he did it (I know this, because he came to me asking for help, and then figured it out on his own).

No need, Geek, I’ve got it all purchased now. Thanks.


I never had this issue. I was able to pre-order S3 without incident.

In any case, if anyone does run into this issue there is a very small button that changes your default region in the store at the bottom of the page. This causes your actual payment options to appear when you go to buy.

I would have preferred something like that to be near the top of the page in a large font, or as part of my actual account default or something. There wasn’t any indication while I was purchasing.
Embarrassing, but at least it’s fixed now.

Hmm, might’ve been someone else on my friend’s list then, but I could of sworn that someone was talking to me about how they couldn’t pay for a game because they were from Canada and it was defaulting to the U.S. - which just so happens to be the exact same issue the OP is having… Hmm…

Aha! I found it! It’s actually another forum thread in the site and forum feedback section, with a similar title to yours. Go there for help. The other guy’s (the 1 I thought was RGL) already getting help. :wink:

You Canadians are all the same, aye! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, but I’ve mentioned twice now that the issue has been solved.

Still,… I would go there for help :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: