Can YOU relate to this meme?

Mmhmm, yep. That’s definitely me right there pretty much :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :laughing:

Also why exactly is that (oftentimes) the case there? :confused:


Because there are far fewer subspecies of cats than there are of dogs. Off the top of my head, I can only name 3: Siamese, long-hair, and short-hair…

There are more than a hundred of Cat breeds. There are more dog breeds, but there are A LOT cat breeds

And Long hair/shot hair is not a breed, it’s just a description of how long is their hair. Are a caucasian bald and a caucasian blonde with long hair different races?

Just to name some cat breeds:

Dragon Li
Ukrainian Levkoy


Well, as I just said in another thread, we can’t know everything. It just proves that more people love dogs than cats… :dog2: > :cat2:

So there! :smirk:

No, it just proves that more people know about dog breeds than cat breeds

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Okay then, Mr. Smartypants! Let’s see if your bite is worse than your bark: Why then, is that?

The reasons are irrelevant(although I have studies about the matter, since I work with Animal shelters for Cats and dogs)

I’m not denying that most people prefers dogs over cats(which is probable in most cases). I just say that the OP picture just proves that people knows nothing about cat breeds

I could go further, but welp, not that interested into having that conversation here

Is there anything you “allegedly” don’t know Dayv0?

Your ability to argue, let alone make a point (along with BigBadAndy, Storm, and Infil), legit scares me.

A lot of things actually, but I just listen and learn in that scenarios, avoiding to take assumptions as facts[quote=“GalacticGeek, post:8, topic:17727”]
Your ability to argue, let alone make a point (along with BigBadAndy, Storm, and Infil) legit scares me.

I don’t understand what you mean with this

Every time I make what I feel is a valid point, 1 of you guys always comes in to show otherwise. It shows just how smart you guys really are in my mind, and in doing so, makes me feel, well, smaller.

#Lionhead Lops!

I know some rabbit breeds…

But honestly I think the culture around dogs is more centered on pedigree and showmanship, similar to that of horses.


It’s ok to be wrong about anything. I’m wrong about lots of things.

You(generic you) are not smaller for being wrong. You(generic you) are bigger for being willing to learn and correct your mistakes.

And that right there folks is the “let’s hand the trophy to everyone, even the losers” mentality… SIGH :disappointed:

There’s more variation among dog breeds than among cat breeds. Example: the smallest dog breed is a thirtieth of the size of the largest dog breed. No other species has such variation among its population. Everybody can tell a labrador from a chihuahua, whereas cat breed differences aren’t as dramatic.


So is that why for many cat breeds they tend to be of similar/identical size AND weight, am I correct?

yep…that’s exactly how I feel. Also HUSKIEES! I want one but I don’t think I’d ever have enough room or anything or the responsibility to keep one . - .

Dragon Li cat sounds badass : U

Actually if I may: I think the reason why dogs are more varied is they are animals that were…for the most part meant to be worked. Big dogs and medium dogs for hunting good sized game and protecting livestock smaller dogs for hunting small game or just to be pampered, etc. All dog breeds had varying degrees and as a reult, all changed differently.

Cats well…they kinda domesticated themselves…sorta…we didn’t intend to have them as part of our home originally they just moved in and we just as a result brought them with us. I don’t know anyone who ever uses a cat for hunting or any work but I think that’s why dogs have more varying looks than cats do. Cats may all be different for sure, But seeing as I know faar less about cats than just the basics well, it’s open for more input fromsomeone else.

Personlly I know tons more about reptiles and lemme tell ya, I learned something really…reallly interesting about birds and (other) reptiles togeather. > 3 > but that would be going off topic.

That’s only one piece though.


@Dayv0, love you man, but I have to back up Geek here, look at the smiley he posted, he wasnt to serious about it.
I remember him explaining to someone a few days earlier about the smiley…the smiley is key in Geek interaction :wink:

That said, Geek seems to thrive on conflict, I guess thats his charm :sweat_smile: Dont let them get you down though GG, everyone here is equal :+1:t2:


-Discussing cat breeds

-Maine coon isn’t brought up not once… :smirk:


The irony is that in my class tonight, we were talking about concepts to teach children - my assigned partner and I got sorting, and I kid you not, without any suggestion from me, she used cat breeds as an example to the class, and again, with breeds I didn’t even know existed. Small world, eh?


Hmmm there’s a colour joke in there somewhere…